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21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Perfect NYC Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

The ring is on your finger, you’ve been staring at it for weeks, now it’s time to let that diamond dance and celebrate the end of your single years! The bachelorette party is essential to “ring” in this new chapter of your life with your best gal pals. And what better backdrop for that scene than the glitz and glamor of the most iconic city of them all, NYC! You and your besties are gonna have your Sex and the City moment (minus the singleness), strutting through the streets showing this town that you are the bride-to-be of the moment! When thinking of NYC bachelorette party ideas, it can obviously get stressful with the number of options this wonderful city has to offer.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your whole experience planned out for you, and it’s sure to be the best weekend of your life (before that other amazing day you’ll be planning for). From the hotel to the food, to the endless options for things to do (especially drinking and dancing), we’ll save you the treacherous amounts of Googling you would be doing to set this up. All you have to do is get your best group of girls together, pick a date, and get ready for the most perfect NYC bachelorette party EVER:

DAY 1:

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 1

Checking In: Picture Perfect Homebase at The Standard, East Village

You’re gonna be hitting every inch of this city, and making it your own for the whole weekend. So it only makes sense to put you right smack-dab in the middle of all of the hottest, hippest areas Manhattan has to offer. The Standard Hotel offers eclectic backdrops and some of the most amazing views of Manhattan. Complete with a secret garden, cafe, rooftop parties, and one of the hottest gay bars in the city, it is almost like bachelorette heaven. Modern, cozy, and effortlessly cool, you and your girls will feel like true NYC elite. And your first Instagram pic from the weekend will 100% be with the signature pink lip pillows that lay atop each hotel bed in The Standard. 

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 2

Getting Polished: Manicures at ChillHouse in Soho

I’m sure you’ve had your nails done for weeks leading up to that ring on your finger, but it’s time to get funky with your girls! Chillhouse is probably the most aesthetically pleasing spa you’ve ever seen, with every inch being absolutely Instagram-worthy. Its modern-eclectic decor reflects the quirky nail designs they offer in their manicure sessions, which is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face before you start your big weekend. Other treatments such as facials, massages, and heat sessions in their gorgeously lit saunas can be added to the NYC bachelorette party ideas itinerary because you’ll want to get the most out of this stunning location for your trip.

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 3

Caffeine Boost: Rustic Bridal Vibes at Maman Soho

Now that everyone is relaxed, it’s time to get that energy going for your first big day in the city. Of course, you have to embrace the Soho vibes and head to the prettiest coffee shop you can find. Look no further than Maman Soho, a French-American cafe with the most beautiful, eccentric menu items like honey lavender lattes, passionfruit matcha soda, and every kind of coffee drink imaginable. Pair with any of the freshly baked goods, you really can’t go wrong with any of them, but obviously, we recommend their incredibly simple but decadent pain au chocolat. 

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 4

When in Soho: Window Shopping (or Actual Shopping)

While you are in Soho, it would be an actual crime to not take a look at some of the most beautiful shopping experiences the city has to offer. Even if Chanel and Dior aren’t in your budget, the gorgeous storefronts and cobblestone streets are enough to make it an experience of its own. 

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 5

First Bite: Being Boujee at Bar Primi

At this point, the small bites you had this morning have probably worn off and everyone is starving. Luckily, right down the street from your hotel, there’s a place that is going to do even more than satisfy your hunger. Bar Primi is the absolute perfect NYC bachelorette party idea that will have you fitting right in with New York’s most glamorous crowd. It is your classic high-end Italian restaurant with mouth-watering pastas and amazing brunch add-ons to the outstanding regular menu if you decide to make an early visit. Prioritizing fresh ingredients and age-old Italian techniques, the $$$ will be absolutely worth it and go down as one of the best girls-day meals you all have ever had.

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 6

Next Up: Getting that Perfect View at Top of The Rock

We’re gonna head uptown a bit to make sure you really get to take in that amazing skyline view that New York City is so known for. And what better place to do so than the iconic Rockefeller Center, which houses some of the best-known TV shows like SNL and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The observation deck provides a 360 view of the city that will absolutely take your breath away. This will be the most iconic picture from your trip with your bride tribe, so make sure you hand your phone to a reliable stranger that looks like they know what they’re doing with a camera!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 7

Back to Home Base: Quick Bite at Café Standard

With everyone a little tired from running around, it’s good to take a rest. Luckily, your hotel is super cute and comes complete with a modern American cafe right underneath. Cafe Standard offers the same suave-eclectic vibes as the rest of the place, and it’s also reflected in their drinks, food, and decor. Grab a bite if anyone is hungry (or a drink if anyone needs an early buzz) and get yourselves together to take on the awesome night you have ahead. First up is changing into your dance clothes, because you’ve got a dance class to take Mrs. Bride-to-Be!

NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas

Get Those Dance Moves Ready for The Night: Taking a DivaDance NYC Class

When a night full of dancing awaits, getting some practice in before is essential. DivaDance NYC is one of the best NYC bachelorette party ideas. You and your bride squad can learn a sexy dance routine to one of your favorite dancefloor tunes, and show NYC who the real bride-to-be of the moment is! Breaking a sweat has never been more fun, and the experience can be complete with party packages including custom apparel and insane videography of your iconic routine. There’s no better way to get into Beyoncé mode than to slay your night out!


21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 8

Dinner Destination: Fancy Asian Fusion at Tao Downtown

You’re heading to your clubbing destination for the weekend, which is the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea or the Meatpacking District. You and your girls are going to feel like total A-listers as you make your way down to 9th Ave to grab some killer sushi at Tao Downtown. You’ll be surrounded by the most extra Asian-influenced decor as you and your besties share roll after roll. And if you stick around late enough, you’ll see this boujee restaurant turn into one of the area’s hottest nightclubs.

Let The Dancing Commence: Chelsea Club Tour

As we said, Chelsea is going to be your home base for dancing with your girls for your weekend in NYC. But when you go on Google Maps and search for clubs in this area, the amount of choices you have is completely overwhelming. Like we said earlier, we’re here to alleviate all this stress for you, so here are our top picks to get the perfect taste of Chelsea nightlife:

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 9

PH-D Rooftop Bar: Okay, here’s where the party really starts. PH-D Rooftop sits at the top of The Dream Downtown hotel. If you’re in NYC, you have to get the rooftop experience, because nothing beats a party overlooking one of the best skylines in the world. PH-D has an amazing view of Manhattan including the renowned Empire State Building. If you go earlier in the evening, you’ll catch the perfect, chill lounge vibe and an amazing sunset, the perfect amount of classy and extra. However, the later you go, the bigger the party gets. Complete with giant chandeliers and DJs spinning the hottest tracks, the nightfall at PH-D will make you feel like a total A-lister!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 10

Le Bain: We’re taking you to your hotel’s sister location for this one! The Standard’s second location is right on the High Line walkways in Chelsea and boasts the luxurious discotheque-inspired club Le Bain that shows clear inspiration from the Studio 54 era. The top floor has disco balls hanging everywhere and the rooftop even has a seasonal plunge pool and some of the most fantastical skyline views. With some of the best names in the DJ business and that notorious Standard chicness, you’ll feel right at home with the Chelsea elite.

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 11

Marquee on the West Side: If your feet aren’t already hurting, you haven’t danced enough yet. And what better place to do that than at the renowned Marquee Nightclub, which sits right on the lush High Line walkway. Marquee has been a household name in the club scene forever (it literally says “long-standing” on Google Maps) and is seriously a staple to end your night. With soaring 30-foot ceilings, colorful flashing light shows, and maybe even a celebrity sighting or two, this is sure to make your NYC bachelorette party one for the books!




21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 12

First Stop: Pre-Party Relaxation at Great Jones Spa in NoHo

Ouch. Last night is definitely catching up to you at this point. That’s exactly why this is the first stop on your itinerary for Day 2. We’re setting you up for a much more chill day as you all recover, and Great Jones Spa in the heart of NoHo is the perfect place to start. They’re most known for their famous Water Lounge, including a three-story indoor waterfall, jacuzzi, cool plunge pool, sauna, and light steam room. You can almost feel the relaxation already, right?  And you’re definitely going to need it before all that wedding planning post-bachelorette. You and your gals can enjoy the Water Lounge alone for just $55, or experience it for free with massages, facials, or manicures over $100!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 13

Next Up: Boozy, Bottomless Brunch at Instagrammable Poco in the East Village

Now that your chakras are aligned and your skin is still glowing from your spa treatment, it’s time to head over to brunch. Because when it comes to NYC bachelorette party ideas, brunch is always on the itinerary. And the only way to do brunch is to make it bottomless, obviously. At Poco, a tapas restaurant in the East Village, the bigger your bride squad the better. This place is super accommodating for large groups and serves the classic brunch items you’re craving for that first bit of bachelorette shenanigans. And the bottomless options don’t end at mimosas…they offer unlimited bloody marys and unlimited red and white sangria.

What more could you ask for to start off your iconic day? The food covers everyone’s favorites too, from custom guacamole with mango or even lobster to challah french toast, to the classic lobster mac and cheese. After you’re super full, be sure to snap a pic in front of their pink neon sign and their super floral inside and outside decor, and start the flow of Instas from your awesome NYC weekend!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 14

Chill Out: Boat Rides in Central Park

Brunch was your first dose of some more classic NYC bachelorette party ideas for the day, but we’re gonna take it down a notch once more before we go all out for the final New York City bachelorette night of your dreams. And what is more New York than Central Park? The Loeb Boathouse on the Central Park Lake rents boats out by the hour, and you and your squad can split into groups of four to have the most iconic New York moment ever as you sail into the hub of NYC’s nature.

This is the perfect, relaxing activity to enjoy the sights of the city in a beloved New York location. And of course, it’s the perfect lush backdrop for another IG post! While you’re there, stop at the Bethesda Fountain and the Bow Bridge for more picture-perfect spots with amazing views of the city!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 15

Getting the Party Started: Wine Tasting at Corkbuzz in Union Square

Now we’re easing into the fun part of the night. Before we go full-on DJ, strobe lights, and shots, we’re gonna start as classy as we can. Corkbuzz is a wine bar in Union Square with small plates (charcuterie boards obviously included) and an extensive wine list to get your night started. The classy interior and dazzling, golden-lit wine glass wall are perfect precursors to your crazy night out. 

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 16

Picture Perfect: Soho Murals that are IG Necessities

Is it really a trip to New York City if you didn’t find some beautiful murals for photo ops? “Pics or it didn’t happen,” as the kids say.  Luckily, New York is full of astounding artwork that is the perfect backdrop for your NYC bachelorette party ideas bach squad. Staying on the theme of love for the bride-to-be, visit the outside of Italian restaurant Pietro Nolita, located in its namesake of Nolita. The all-pink exterior and spray-painted heart mural will make for the perfect Instagram photo with your gals celebrating your recent engagement!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 17

Another really great mural to stop by is the Holding Hands mural on Lafayette Street in Little Italy. The giant mural pictures two stick figures holding hands over a yellow backdrop with red and orange swirls. This is another perfect spot to show your celebration of love for not only your fiancé but for your amazing besties (and soon-to-be bridesmaids) for always having your back!

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 18

Last Bite: The 100-Year-Old Puglia in Little Italy

After you’re done with your second and final stroll around Soho, it only makes sense to wander into the little piece of Italy that is nestled in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. While there is an array of classic Italian restaurants to choose from, the obvious choice of them all is Puglia, because no matter what it is sure to be a party (hence the party packages options on their website). With live entertainment, bottomless beer and wine for three hours, and upbeat staff, it’ll be the perfect place to make those final memories with your favorite girl gang from your iconic NYC bachelorette party ideas and share some true laughs (and perfected Italian classics like hot antipasto and stuffed rigatoni). 

21 Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas 19

The Finale: Kissing NYC Goodbye on the Lower East Side 

If you’ve searched “NYC bachelorette party ideas” prior to your stay here, you probably got several results that point you to the Lower East Side for a good time. LES is becoming the new buzzing hot spot for nightlife. After you’ve already gone to some of the classic club names in Chelsea, it’s time to be true New Yorkers and go out in the newest trending part of town. Your last hurrah will start at Hotel Chantelle on Ludlow Street, a three-floor restaurant/nightclub that will give you all the hip, lowkey luxurious vibes and give you the perfect house and hip-hop tunes to dance to in that hot final nightdress you picked.

After you’ve had a few drinks and remembered your dancing skills from the night before, it’s time for the grand finale at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, right down the street from Hotel Chantelle. This is your time to go out with a BANG! This two-floor bar is seriously going to be one of the best memories from your whole trip (if you remember it). Review after review raves that it is one of the wildest nightclubs in NYC, complete with a sub-zero vodka room with spirits from around the world and a disco-tiled corner complete with a stripper pool. A guaranteed good time, Mehanata will be the perfect cap on an incredibly fun-packed weekend celebrating your last time being a bachelorette (!!!). 

Which stop on our NYC bachelorette party ideas itinerary is your favorite? Any places we missed? Let us know in the comments!



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