Adult Birthday Party Ideas For Your Full Squad

Best. Party Idea. Ever.

It’s Your Birthday!

Your turn to be the Queen Bee! This year, do something different and turn your squad into an adult birthday party dance team.

Private Events. By Invite Only. Make Your VIP List.

The freshest adult birthday party activities.

Friends that slay together, stay together. Plan an adult dance class for the ultimate birthday bash. Our Event Coordinators help finalize all details.

Here’s How It Works.

Pick a date. Set the number of attendees. Choose a routine from our slay-list. From Britney to Bieber to Beyonce. We bring the sexy swag to turn your b-day out.

We Slay Anywhere.

DivaDance offers pop-up studio locations in a city near you. Even if we aren’t in your city yet, we can still bring our mobile studio directly to your location. 

Book a birthday party for yourself or plan one for your bestie. Get together with your whole squad.

Crank the Party Up.

Our party and group offerings are great for all levels of dance experience.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas For Your Full Squad 1

Party Packages Starting at $30 Per Person

Submit your info and we’ll text and Email you a link to our handy lil’ Party Planner with packages/pricing, song options, and FAQs!

Flawless at Any Age: Women’s Birthday Party Idea Events

Adult Birthday Party Ideas For Your Full Squad 2

Yas Queen! Celebrate Any Birthday with Exclusive Packages

Start with our basic package, then treat yo’self with an upgrade.
Adult birthday party activities that will leave everyone feeling confident.


Private women’s birthday party dance class prices vary by location. Our Mobile Studio brings DivaDance birthday parties to you, anywhere.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas For Your Full Squad 3

Swag. Strut. Slay.

DivaDance classes are choreographed to suit dancers of any level. Strut your stuff no matter how much dance experience or training you have.

Fact: Fun is good for you. Our women’s birthday party dance celebration is nothing but fun.

Looking for an unforgettable 30th birthday party  idea? Kick off another great year with your ladies and DivaDance.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas For Your Full Squad 4

Best Adult Birthday Party Places for All Queens

Our Studio, or Your Castle?

DivaDance offers one-of-a-kind adult birthday party ideas.

Bring your squad to your choice destination. Glam it up in your girl’s backyard. Wherever you want to get down, we can help coordinate the best adult birthday party activities for you and your crew.

Full Diva Treatment

So Fancy. Taste This Gold.

Options for the ultimate Diva experience.

Professional Videography
Receive professionally shot video footage of your DivaDance class.

Hair & Makeup
Professionally styled hair and makeup application.


Get That Swag

Take It Home With Ya

Free Spotify Playlists

Follow us on Spotify to get the playlist for your birthday party.

Custom Group Tank Tops

Super-soft tank tops personalized for you and your squad.

Feather Boa

Standard is pink. Receive choice of color when ordering 10 or more.

Don’t Cha Wish Every Party Was Hot Like Me?

Slay It. Share It. Enjoy It.

The top adult birthday party ideas for ladies across the country who want to do something fun, something different, something memorable.

Whether celebrating your girl’s 21st or 40th birthday, party with your ladies in style with DivaDance.