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Beginner Adult Hip Hop Dance Classes

Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Lose yourself in the fun of our hip-hop dance routines. The right level of challenges for beginner hip hop dance classes. Work it like never before and leave feeling like Beyoncé's backup dancers.

Sexy Hip Hop Dance Class for Adults

We want to see you strut. Our burlesque-inspired hip hop adult dance classes put you in touch with your inner vixen. Chairs and stilettos in the routine add spice and style. By the end, Beyonce won’t have nothing on you.

Advanced Hip Hop Dance Class for Adults

Grind ’til you own it, ladies.

There is nothing standing in your way. Our intense, sweat-inducing hip hop dance class that gets your heart rate up. This is an all-out clubbin’ experience. Without anybody up in your space.

Loosen Up Your Buttons & Let Your Hair Down

Have you ever thought "where are adult hip hop dance classes near me?"

Every hip hop class for adults is a non-stop one hour dance party. We include a full stretch and warm-up, as well as a complete cool down.

Dancing isn’t just about your arms and legs. It’s about working every move.

All our hip hop dance lessons for adults instruct ladies to put your own stank on it with “hair-eography” and facial expression instructions.

Come Dressed to Dance
You will work up a sweat in our hip-hop dance class. Sneakers or barefoot. Yoga pants or running shorts. We don’t care what you wear, just dress to dance.

So Fresh & So Clean
While most of our studios have areas to freshen up, we don’t have showers available. Amenities vary per location.

One-of-a-kind hip hop dance class for adults.

A sweaty, sexy dance experience in a stress-free environment.

Whether you’re a beginning dancer looking to learn to move or a professional dancer looking for a great workout, our hip hop adult dance class is something new. Come show us how you run it, run it.

The Chest Pop

A basic hip hop dance move, involving “dropping” and “popping” your rib cage. Slide it and rotate it around for all the sexiness. Chest popping works your abs, shoulders, obliques, and upper back.

The Kick Cross-Step

Kick your foot out and tap it down on the floor. Sounds easy right? There’s a little more to it. Learn club dance moves and then make it your own.

The Dip & Step

One of the most essential moves for many routines. The dip & step club dance lessons combine upper and lower body movements in this full body cardio exercise.

The Body Roll

Want to dance like Shakira? Don’t we all!

The body roll is untouchable. From head to toe, work your whole body – especially those abs. Once you know how, you might catch yourself doing body rolls around the house, at work, in the car, in the shower …

The Booty Pop

Maybe the sexiest dance ever, booty-poppin' is a full body workout. The more booty you put into it, the more you will feel the burn.

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