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Slay Like Beyoncé
Dance Class

Okay Ladies, Now Let’s Get in Formation

All Hail the Queen.

At DivaDance, we aspire to be as boss as Beyoncé.
We want her moves. We want her style. We want her swag.

We figured, we needed a specialty Beyoncé dance class to work at it.

Dedicated to Beyoncé

Making Every Class Count

A Diva is a Female Version of a Hustla
DivaDance classes make you sweat. A non-stop hustle for 60 minutes that gets your heart rate up and your body moving.

Warm up. Slay. Cool down. Hair-flips, cat-eyes, and hip-sways included.

Come prepared to strut
Athletic gear recommended. Ivy Park totally appropriate. You’re probably gonna sweat all on your hair, so you might bring a towel. We provide accommodations to freshen up. Sorry, no showers.

Choreography to Bey’s Best

By popular demand, the DivaDance team has put together a series of dances to Bey’s most well-loved songs.

Our other class selection is always changing, but these specialty Beyoncé dance classes are here to stay.


Specialty Bey-Related Events

About once-a-month, we host something dedicated to Queen Bey worship.

Beyoncé Brunch
Post-hangover and pre-bottomless mimosa. A must for you and your Sunday squad.

Add new meaning to, “I woke up like this.”

See your local DivaDance’s event calendar for details.

Search for the location nearest you

Beyoncé “Single Ladies” Dance Class

Now Put Your Hands Up
Has anybody ever made a better break-up song? At least, there’s no better one to dance to.

Epic Music Video Choreo
The “Single Ladies” choreography is an intense, pumped up good time. Inspired by Bey’s classic video, meant to be performed on the floor at the club with ya girls.

DivaDance’s style lets every lady be a show-stopping star in the spotlight.

When class is over, keep doing your own little thing, girl.

Unique bachelorette party

Beyoncé “Partition” Dance Class

Took 45 Minutes to Get All Dressed Up
Has anybody ever made a more seductive music video? We’ll let you decide.

Sexy Chair-Dancing Moves
The DivaDance team has put together our (undoubtedly) sexiest choreography for our Beyoncé “Partition” dance class.

The “Partition” choreography is a sultry, seductive, burlesque-inspired dance. Be ready for chairwork in your stilettos. Meant to be performed in a one on one, private show (with the music blastin’).

DivaDance’s fun atmosphere lets dancers of all experience levels strut their inner seductress. At the end, be the kinda girl you like.

Beyoncé’s “Formation” Dance Class

I dream. I work hard. I grind til I own it.
Has anybody ever been as fierce at a Superbowl halftime show? No, but seriously. Ever?

Fire Squad Choreo
Inspired by the one-of-a-kind Beyoncé “Formation” dance you love from the music video and live performances.

The “Formation” choreography is an intense, sexy, full-body workout. Meant to be performed as part of a squad, it’s the most fun you can have in a room full of Beyoncé fans.

DivaDance’s signature dance classes let ladies really vamp it up. Feel so good at the end, you might go to Red Lobster.

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