Top 8 Bachelorette Party Ideas in Tallahassee

Bradfordville Blues Club

Top 8 Bachelorette Party Ideas in Tallahassee

Round of applause!! She said, “YAAAASS!” So now it’s time for the ladies’ weekend getaway. Whether it’s you or your bride-to-be bestie, we’ve got you covered for the big bachelorette party in Tallahassee. If you know you’re looking for cool bachelorette party ideas in Tallahassee, well the search is over because these bachelorette party ideas go well beyond your average nightclub. With that being said, you and the ladies can unleash your inner Shakira for that big bachelorette party.

Now that the weekend’s been booked, the guest list has been narrowed down, and your hotel has been booked, the only thing you’ve got left to do (besides stocking up on all the rosé) is schedule a few festivities that you and your squad will remember forever. GIRLS TRIP!

1. Explore Tallahassee on a SEGWAY


Get the squad ready for the coolest experience on just two wheels! SIGHTSEEING ON A SEGWAY! Now that seems like an amazing time. You and the squad will get to tour downtown, historic areas, Gaines Street art district, FSU and FAMU campuses, and historic places in Tallahassee. Time to party on a Segway and let the town know the bride is getting hitched!

2. Drink and Listen to music at BradfordVille Blues Club

  Bradfordville Blues Club

You’re going to LOVE this. The bachelorette party squad is going to take over on a night out to the BradfordVille Blues Club. The unique location is said that more than 50 original portraits have been autographed by the “Kings and Queens” of the Blues that serve as table-tops and are hanging on the wall! The club is open on the weekends and offers beer and wine. The bachelorette squad has to make an appearance and experience this amazing culture by drinking and singing the blues allll night long!

3. Party with DivaDance

group of women in a dance party in dance studio in front of mirrors in tank tops

Time to round up the bride and her ladies and put in week! DivaDance Tallahassee offers the hottest adult dance classes and private dance bachelorette parties in Tallahassee where your squad can learn up to an hour of jaw-dropping choreography. This is perfect for beginners and the most experienced dancers. With a variety of party packages available —slay it like Queen B (from twerking to sexy hair-ography) for the big night out in Tallahassee! I know those hips don’t lie, ask Shakira! Choose the latest hits or throw it back R&B style to put in WERK to.




4. Visit St. Marks Lighthouse


Now, this is THE place to see! The historic St, Marks Lighthouse is a beautiful 80-foot tower that has a giant reflector lens. You and the ladies can spend a relaxing evening taking pictures with the sunset in the background sippin’ Rose all night (DO IT FOR THE GRAM)! Still standing today, it was constructed in 1830 and lit for the first time in 1830.

5. Sip-Sip at the Proof Brewing Company

Proof Brewing

Queen Rihanna once said, “Pour it up pour it up,” so lets CHEERS to that! Lets also CHEERS to the BRIDE!! The Proof Brewing Company offers Lagers, Hops, Malty, Wheat, Sour, and other beers for you and the squad. OOO and get this, they also offer tasting rooms for groups! Get the party crew ready to sip all night and enjoy a FAB view! I hear the patio is a nice area to relax while enjoying a cold one.

6. Escape Room Breakout

Escape Room

Do you and your squad have what it takes to solve that mystery? The bride-to-be has her Feyonce figured out, but can she figure out the Breakout Escape Room with her besties? The best way to celebrate. The escape room offers exciting entertainment for groups. Locked in a room for an hour, you and your friends have to find clues, solve riddles, and crack codes before the time runs out.

7. To top it off….. RENT A PARTY BUS

Top 8 Bachelorette Party Ideas in Tallahassee

Now that we’ve covered all you needed to know to party in Tallahassee…it’s time to travel in style with your squad!! Want that high fashion travel experience for the bride-to-be?? I think YASSSS! Well, Five Start Limo & More has EXACTLY the ride to party hard in! The party buses have a variety of sizes that will seat 10-60 people in your group. The buses also come with leather seating (OOO YASS), big-screen TVs, a blender (there’s more), a refrigerator, a sink/countertop area, and the most important.. a great sound system! (DJ TURN IT UP FOR THE LADIES!) 

8. Dine at the Sage Restaurant

Sage Restaurant

Let’s not forget about the food! The Sage Restaurant in Tallahassee is known for offering a variety of food made from scratch, and it also happens to be made fresh! You and your bachelorette squad will totally have to check out the delicious European Cuisine while roaming the city! 

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