Sexy & Stress-Free Cardio Dance Workout Classes for Adults

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Work your way towards that Britney-inspired bod.

Stop wondering where to find dance exercise classes near me. In our dancing exercise classes, we jam to favorite songs new and old! Our playlists range from old school to new school.

DivaDance fitness dance classes are an epic-workout-disguised-as-a-dance-party! Lights down, music up! You’ll burn calories, get in up to 3,000 steps in an hour, and leave class ready to conquer your world and slay all day.

The best part? No professional dance experience or training required! DivaDance is a dance fitness class for every level.

If you literally-can’t-deal with another spin or elliptical workout, try DivaDance! We’re FUN fitness.

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You wanna hot body?

Dance workout classes where you can sweat with your ladies.

DivaDance Cardio Dance Fitness Classes

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Bootylicious Dance Fitness for Beginners

Learn all the un-basic dance moves in a hip-hop inspired routine. Strut your stuff and advance your prance at your own pace.

Pop, drop, dab, dougie, running man – we love it all in this ready-for-MTV class.

Sexy Cardio Dance Fitness Classes

Keeping it classy and sassy! Our dance fitness class will leave you feeling long, lean, and strong. Step it up to a new level with killer moves.

Strut in your stilettos and master our sexiest chair dance fitness choreography.

Not Yo’ Mama’s Cardio Dance Classes

The ultimate DivaDance workout. Be ready to sweat in our sexy, party jam dance session. You’ll never stop moving in this easy-to-follow dance fitness class.

Don’t get it twisted. Bring your mama and her friends if they are ’bout this.

Find Dance Workout Classes Near Me

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Dance Classes for Fitness: Your Body & Your Mind

Move Your Body Like a Snake, Ma.

DivaDance choreography is designed to get every Diva to dance for fitness and for fun. Moves designed to engage your whole body.

Upper Body & Core

Suck it up now, and you won’t have to suck it in later.
Arm motions work your upper back, shoulders, triceps, and chest. Pop it like your ex is watching. Jumping, twisting, and strutting – it’s all good for the core, ladies Get toned and show off those curves!

Lower Body & Legs

All a Diva Needs is Squats and Lip Gloss
All those booty-poppin' drops work your lower back, quads, hamstrings, and those all-important glutes. Baby got back? That’s why we squat.

Attitude and Hair-eography

We’ll Whip Our Hair Back and Forth
DivaDance instructors create fun dance fitness routines, but every Diva has to own it for herself.

Signature hair-eography, hand placement and motions, hip sway, and facial expression coaching are a big part of DivaDance.

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Fun Dance Fitness is Good For Ya

Smiling, laughing, and having fun makes you healthier – literally. Happiness reduces stress, boosts immunity, and helps you look and feel younger. Fun hip hop fitness classes give you a workout for body, mind, and soul in less time than it takes to get a mani/pedi.

What to Know About DivaDance Cardio Dance Fitness Classes

How long is class?

Dance exercise classes for adults are 1 hour, including a stretch and warm-up, and thorough cool down. Plus a quick water break or two. Queen’s gotta hydrate, amIright?

How should I dress?

It’s a cardio dance fitness class, girl – dress like you came to sweat. Don’t worry about dressing to impress. Sneakers are best, yoga pants or shorts, tank tops or t-shirts (we especially recommend our Slay tanks!).

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Coming to a Dance Fitness Studio Near You

Bring DivaDance to Your Town

Got a need to make slaying your cardio? DivaDance knows all about it! Get the most fun dance fitness for beginners and all dance levels in your hometown.

Seriously Sexy, Fun Dance Fitness.

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