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A sweaty, sexy, stress-free dance experience

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Girl, I didn’t know you could get down like that!

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Dance Classes.
Bachelorette Parties.
Girls Night Out.

Easy-to-learn choreography for all levels of dance experience.

Join Our Community

Meet new (cool) people, and make awesome (not awkward) connections!

Stellar Adult Dance Class Selection

Swag. Strut. Slay. Come with your squad OR solo – just be prepared to let your hair down for an hour of pure fun!

Spotlight Performances

Our multi-week dance programs give you the unique chance to be part of video shoots and perform for friends and family (tutus optional).

Let Your Hair Down

Dance classes for adults vary by location and instructor.

Unique Adult Dance Class Experience

Instructors Who Rock

Meet your new crush! All DivaDance instructors are personable and approachable, as well as highly trained. Our instructors break down the choreography, and are taught specialized cueing techniques to help you achieve muscle memory and confidence with the movement!

Lights Down, Music Up, Breathe It In

The class experience at our partner studios features dimmable lighting with our signature pink glow.

And ya smell that? No it’s not just the sweet smell of confidence – it’s our custom studio fragrance designed to awaken your senses.

A unique combination of fragrance and essential oils like jasmine, citrus, ylang ylang, and more – designed to uplift, fight off that bad mood, and leave you feeling invigorated!

It was a warm, relaxed, and friendly environment from the moment we entered the space…This class is everything for the non dancer, teaching different levels of coordination, spatial awareness, and flexibility without watering down the steps.

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Dance Classes for Men

For Tha Boys Too

Most people use “Diva” to refer to ladies, but men work the dance floor too. Dancers of all ages and experience levels – men and women – are welcome. We’re totally gender inclusive!


Chairs, Boas, Stilettos.

We might include chairs in our parties or adult dance classes. We might have you wear stilettos and moves to work those legs in those heels. We might include boas or sashes. Anything sexy that Divas can get vampy with.


Sweating for the Wedding?

All of DivaDance’s dance classes are a top pre-wedding workout. Be ready to strut in your gorgeous gown, and slay it on your wedding night.

Epic Hip Hop Dance Class

Feel Like the Star of Your Own Music Video
We grew up on music videos. Who wasn’t choreographing routines in their bedrooms as a teenager? The DivaDance instructors sure were! We’ve created a series of hip-hop dance classes that provide a fun, full-body cardio workout for dancers with all levels of experience.


I noticed the transformation from timid and hesitant movements in the beginning part of class to fiercer movements and bolder executions by the end of class.

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Get It On With Unique Hip Hop Dance Moves

Chest Pop – Quick move your rib cage up and down to work your shoulders, upper back, and abs. An essential move for pretty much all hip-hop dance routines.

Kick Cross-Step – Deceptively simple, this basic footwork is all about placement. An easy move to put your own personality on

Dip & Step – Legwork adds spice to the choreo. This move focuses on lower body while also setting you up for great dance move transitions.

The Body Roll – A Diva knows how to work her whole body, and this move is a good one to master. Hip hop dancing can help you build a solid core – this move is a big part of that.

twerk-iconTwerking Optional-ish

“Twerking” is a rapid full body movement that is both very sexy and physically challenging. We encourage all ladies to shake what ya mama gave ya! Enjoy the full body workout you get with intense, fun and sexy dance moves like twerking.

playlist-iconEpic Playlists

Girl, that’s my song! You’re guaranteed to be familiar with all the tunes we play in class and singing along is encouraged! From Drake to JT to Nicki – and throwbacks to your favorite old school jams – we keep our hip-hop dance class playlists fresh to death.

The chief goal, she said, was to have fun. “If you’re not having a good time, you’re doing something wrong.

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Inspired By Bey: Beyonce Dance Classes

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One of the Best Beyonce Dance Classes in NYC.


“The instructor was patient, sassy and made us feel like bombshells.”

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Basically: I started feeling myself..


OK Ladies. Now, Let’s Get in Formation.

The most legendary Diva of our day, all hail Queen Bey.

We put together some killer choreo to our favorite Beyonce songs for a one-of-a-kind dance class series that inspires us to slay, all day, every day.

Check the Calendar for Beyoncé Dance Classes Near You

Find a Class Near You

Featured Beyonce Dance Class

For one intense class, we focus on learning a DivaDance signature routine to one of our favorite Beyonce songs.

Beyonce “Single Ladies” Dance Class
A poppin’ routine inspired by the amazing music video. Perfect for a group out to slay some #squadgoals.

Beyonce “Partition” Dance Class
A seductive routine inspired by the steamy music video. Perfect for a lady out to strut through a few moves in her stilettos.

Beyonce’s “Formation” Dance Class
A powerful routine inspired by the strutting Beyonce does in every performance. Perfect for ladies who slay to their beat.

And more. Queen Bey doesn’t stop, and neither do we. New classes always being added.

If you’re member of the Beyhive and can’t get enough of Beyoncé’s new Lemonade album, this dance class is definitely for you.


DivaDance shares the message of committing to who you are. I left feeling unapologetic about the way I move, look, talk, dress, and how I think. ‘Sorry, I ain’t sorry,’ as Beyoncé would say.


“I have reached a new level of flawless (pun intended). I even proceeded to dance on my walk home.”


Fun Cardio Dance Fitness Classes for Everybody

Dancing is My Cardio.

Everybody talks about getting in shape. Dance your way to a video vixen body. DivaDance offers fitness dance classes that give dancers of all levels a full body workout. No matter whether you’re used to high intensity cardio or need something low impact and sexy, our classes have something right for you

I had lot of fun, and the choreography included fun and useful moves like body rolls and booty shakes that I totally used dancing at a party Saturday night. Beats spin class any day.

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A Full Body Twerk-Out

Your Neck. Your Back. Work It Out Just Like That.

Dance fitness choreography is fun disguised as fitness! Forget the elliptical and the treadmill hitting the dance floor is your new cardio.

DivaDance classes use your whole body to move – from your head to your toes and everywhere in between. No matter your fitness level, you’ll never be frustrated in our fitness dance classes.

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A Core as Solid as a Rock
Cardio dance fitness choreography at DivaDance will make you work. Tighten up your ladylike curves and sculpt your hourglass figure. Sweat away that muffin top and love handles. Work in over 1,000 FitBit steps in an hour, girl.

Your Lower Body Workout

That Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard
Be ready to kick and run it. Don’t be shy in dropping it like a squat, ladies. Killer beginner fitness dance classes. Inspire yourself to new levels.

DivaDance dance classes for fitness involve your hamstrings, squads, calves, hips, glutes, and lower back muscles. Our moves will push your muscles and help tighten them to being leaner, better, faster, stronger.

Get your best bikini body by hitting up one of the hottest workout classes!


Ditch the treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, and make your cardio workout more enjoyable by breaking it down at DivaDance.


Best of all? This was a great workout. Turns out, their slogan ‘Slaying Is My Cardio’ rings true.


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DivaDance Parties

Bachelorette, Adult Birthday, #GNO, Sorority, Team Building

If the idea of spinning around a pole has you nervous, don’t worry — classes like DivaDance offer easy-to-learn moves for people of all levels of dance expertise to ensure you feel sexy without being self-conscious.

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Ladies, can you handle this?

DivaDance Company Instructors and Event Coordinators know how to throw a party. Whatever the occasion, let DivaDance handle the details.

Party Packages

We offer three standard party packages, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Basic Party Package

The DivaDance un-basic basic party includes 45 minutes of our high-intensity jam-out for any number of Divas.

Held in one of our host studios, OR set it up a party at the location of your choice.

Mini-Premium Party Experience

The DivaDance mini-premium party experience includes one hour of a rockin’ dance party for you and your besties.

Treat yo’self and enjoy champagne for the entire group.

Premium Party

The DivaDance premium package includes 60 minutes of a dance-instruction-turned-party, then 30 minutes of a champagne and cupcake treat!

Our premium dance party is our most popular adult birthday party and bachelorette party package. Perfect for any Queen.

Fun, Sexy Bachelorette Party

Burlesque, Hip-Hop Dance Party

For a one-of-a-kind, totally unique bachelorette party. Get together your besties and rock the night away.

If thoughts of a weekend in Vegas or a Bourbon Street bar crawl send chills down your spine, congratulations: You’re officially a grown-ass woman looking to plan a grown-ass bachelorette party. Here are seven unconventional ideas that you won’t have to block from your Facebook feed.


Slay Our Signature Party Moves

Cabaret-Inspired Bachelorette Party Dance Activities
DivaDance knows how to throw a party. Never felt more, more alive. Got my chicas by my side. Unique, creative bachelorette party ideas.

Chair & Stiletto Routine
Our sexy, fun bachelorette party dance routines might use chairs, stilettos, boas, or other props. A saucy set of moves that’s best for a private show.

Wedding Night Routine
Our top-secret dance choreo and Q&A dance instruction that is exclusive to bachelorette parties only. Looking for some of the sexiest moves for dancing your wedding night away? DivaDance has them. 

Flash Mob Performance
Show off your new skills at your wedding reception. Surprise your guests with a flash mob performance of epic proportions.

Bride and Groom First Dances
Waltzes and tangos are so yesterday. Learn a one of a kind dance routine for your wedding reception. A memorable dance performance lesson for an unforgettable wedding.

Studio and Mobile Bachelorette Party Locations

Burlesque, Hip-Hop Dance Party

For a one-of-a-kind, totally unique bachelorette party. Get together with your besties and rock the night away.  

Choose Your Own Routine. Then Spice It Up.

Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party Ideas

Dancing together with your ladies is always a good time. When a member of your squad gets married, you have to do something epic to celebrate.

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Always consult the bride-to-be

When choosing the best place to have a bachelorette party, make sure you consider the bride and the wedding plans. If it’s a destination wedding, you want to consider whether to have the party in your home city before heading out to the destination, or if you want to have it once you get there.

Make the best bachelorette party ever happen. Choose the full DivaDance studio experience at one of our locations, or let our mobile class experience bring the party to you.

Unique Adult Birthday Party

Dance Birthday Party for Women

One-of-a-kind dance birthday party for adults. Get your girls together this year. Treat yo’self.

girls-night-out-003Choose Your Birthday Dance Routine
During the party planning process, talk with your DivaDance Event Coordinator about your song selection.

Choose a song off of our list, and we have a routine to go with it. If you have a song not on our list, we can work it in during the warm-up or cool-down sessions.

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Hair-eography & Sexy Facial Expressions
Hair and facial expression work. Flipping your hair, winking, and sassy smiles add the personalized touches that make any DivaDance your own routine. Goodies make the boys jump on it.

Night Out

Party With Your Ladies

franchise-opportunities-003#GNO. #Goodtimes. #Epic.
DivaDance offers a girls night out experience unlike any other. Come slay with your ladies. Learn a dance routine to make your own. Get in a workout that’s stress-free and celebrates your #squadgoals.

There’s nothing else like living it up with your ladies.


This class was so much fun and full of energy!


Stress-Free. Drama-Free. Par-tay.
Who wants a sausage fest with a bunch of swipe-lets? You are there to dance. DivaDance lets you strut it. Without the personal space invasion. At a DivaDance girl’s night out, we’re all here to get down.

Choose your own routine. Select the size of your party. Set a location that works for you.

Schedule Your #GNO Party

bass-pink-iconWe’re All About that Bass
Our dance routines are pop-inspired, fitness-infused full-body experiences.

We are inspired by music – the beats and rhythms that get your whole body moving.

girls-fun-iconGirls Just Wanna Have Fun
No professional dance experience necessary! If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Shake what ya’ mama gave ya. Because there’s nothing better than turning up the jams and jamming with your ladies.

At a DivaDance girl’s night out, we’re all here to get down.

Choose your own routine. Select the size of your party. Set a location that works for you.

Sorority Sisterhood Activity

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Schedule Your Sorority Sisterhood Dance Party

Select your own song and routine. Coordinate costumes and cute outfits if you want. Come prepared to work. Let’s slay, ladies.

Signature Sorority Sisterhood Dance Routines
DivaDance is proud to work with sororities from college and university campuses across the country.

Customize your own signature dance routine. Then flaunt it. The Sisters on other campuses or in other sororities won’t know what to do with your greatness.


Ideas for Unique Bid Days

Being in a sorority is a special thing. A true sisterhood. Get to know each other better in the best. sorority sisterhood party. ever.

Sisters that slay together, stay together.

The freshest clique needs the best bonding experiences. DivaDance’s private dance parties for sorority groups. Slay it with your sisters.

I had such a blast learning a DivaDance routine! It got our whole group to loosen up and have a great time. Perfect way to kick off our officer training! – Mercer, The University of Texas at Austin


Sorority Sisterhood Dance Party

45 minutes of an all-out dance party with all the ladies. Invite up to 100 party-goers and make a full night of it.

Make it alcohol-free
Live it up with your ladies without the booze – but with all the fun! DivaDance “mock-tails” keep the party alive, alcohol-free style.

Dance studio or your house
Come to our studio or let our mobile class experience come to you. We can turn your House out.

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Work Squad Fabulous

Dance Team Building Activities

For Company Teams that Slay Together
One-of-a-kind companies need one-of-a-kind team building.

Do something different with co-workers every now and then. Instead of happy hour, rock our sweaty, stress-free team building workouts for a unique, fun corporate get-together.

DivaDance Corporate Dance Team Building Activities
We will lead you in a fun mini-routine that will have everyone high fiving and fist bumpin’ by the end.

Make new memories with your work team. Bond and grow in a fun new way.

It’s been a stress reliever and team builder, and DivaDance has changed the Daily Show extracurricular universe forever.  For the last 3 years, girls AND guys come together from all corners of the show once a month to bond over a song of our choosing and #slay. Even if you don’t #slay, they will make you feel like you did.

Jennifer Flanz, Executive Producer / The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Other companies we’ve worked with include:












DivaDance Company Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women

Own A Dance Studio. Slay In Your City.

DivaDance Company is a new and exciting dance fitness franchise concept. We’re a one-of-a-kind dance franchise opportunity for women.

We are looking to expand in select cities across the US.

Contact Us For Dance Franchising Details

Business to Business Connections

Got something good for us? We’d love to hear about it. Every dance franchise location is looking to expand connections with local businesses. Let’s chat, soon.

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DivaDance Company Job Opportunities

Love to Dance. Live to Dance.

Interested in being an instructor? A Brand Ambassador? A Party Hostess?

Contact Us for job opportunities.

Build yourself a career. Build yourself a life. We dream big, work hard, and grind-to-own every day.

Passion + Training = Winning Combination

You bring what you’re good at. We’ll help you build on it to earn success. Results limited only by your limits.

Dance Training
Not sure how to dance, instruct others on safe dance techniques, or plan fresh choreography regularly? DivaDance Head Divas lead you through the steps.

Business Training
Not sure how to operate an office or manage personnel? DivaDance Dance Franchise Business Operations consultants can help you learn operations.

A Strong Marketing Support Team
We stand for fun. We’ve outlined a proven marketing strategy and development a support network for your growth.

A Boosted Online Presence
When you’re with us, you’re stylin’. Don’t worry about building a website or writing up your own social media posts. We’ll give you that leg-up.

Let Your Hair Down at DivaDance

A unique dance company offering an amazing dance experience. Dance classes and adult parties. Centered around girl power. Self-love. 

DivaDance: Do More of What You Love