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What is the DivaDance Class Experience Like?

All DivaDance® sexy adult dance classes are an hour packed full of good vibes and sisterly love. Every class routine includes a warmup/stretch. Then it’s our one-of-a-kind, fun dance class instruction-turned-dance-party for all levels, no dance experience required. 

Have you ever wondered “where are the best adult dance classes near me?” Locations around the country mean our sexy dance classes are available in a city near you. Check out the schedule and register for a class today!

“You’re basically Beyoncé by the time you’re done.”

Fun is our focus in our sexy adult dance class. #Squadgoals is our lifestyle. DivaDance is a community.

Dance Classes for Adults

All Levels Welcome.

Dancing Classes for Adults

Unleash Your Inner Backup Dancer
Hip-hop inspired dance classes for beginners and all level dancers, featuring killer choreo. Shake it to classic music video moves and the hottest dance trends. With our adult dance lessons, learn a mini-routine to one song. Booty-poppin' optional-ish.

Fierce & Sexy Dance Class

Strut Your Sexiest Moves
The sexy dance class for the serious Diva. Burlesque-inspired moves. Props like stilettos and chairs. Hair-eography and signature styles. Become un-basic by the end.

Two African American and One Caucasian Women Smiling and Posing

Videography: Dance Class Films Exclusive to Members

Our dance classes are often filmed and available online through our exclusive members-only section.

Review your moves and watch that diva work. Show off clips to your crew and followers. Enjoy tutorial videos anytime.

Everyone who is in the dance studio during our adult dance class will be someone who has paid to participate. No unpaid spectators will be allowed to remain in the room.

Fitness Adult Dance Class

Adult Dance Class
This ain’t yo’ mama’s Zumba. Curated playlists for a nonstop dance party of sweat-inducing dance moves. Like being on your favorite dance club’s dance floor. With more room to swing those hips though.

Let Your Hair Down and Take Time For Yourself

Whip Your Hair Back and Forth

A fun dance class doesn’t just make you count to eight. Embrace your wildness. 

Add more fun to any adult dance class with DivaDance’s “hair-eography.”

Sign up. Challenge yourself. Move it with your whole crew.

Did You Know?

Having fun is actually good for your health! Happiness and laughter decrease stress levels and boost your immunity! So keep smiling while you sweat – our sexy dance classes help reshape your body and refresh your mind. 

African-American Woman Blowing a Bubble

Be A Member of Our Adult Dance Class Crew

The Only Dance School for Adults

DivaDance is all about community and confidence – and when you hit the dance floor with us, you’ll get both!

Join Performance Squad and you’ll get the chance to perform live – in costume!

Online Community.
All clients get access to secret Facebook groups where you’ll get to view videos from local dance classes AND connect with other badass babes!

Six Diverse People Dancing Wearing Masks

Want More DivaDance in Your Life?

Keep Calm and Be a Diva.

Follow us on Spotify!

We post our unique playlists, studio tunes, class songs, and some great private party mixes.

Private Online Videography Dance Class

Check out class videos, instructionals, and clips through your local, exclusive private Facebook groups.

Book a Private Party

From bachelorette to adult birthdays to team building events, we’ve got your social life covered. Submit your information and a private party concierge will call you. Choose your music from a selection. Invite as many Divas as you want.

Sport Our Swag

DivaDance® gear is perfect for a dance class, coffee shop, or your couch. It’s cute and exclusive.

“We Represent When We Come to Your Town”

Want to bring DivaDance® to your squad? Book a party or group session at nearby dance studios, even if we don’t have one in your town. Contact us for details.

Sexy Adult Dancing Classes. For Women Who Are Unstoppable

Confidence. Support. Join a Movement.

DivaDance® instructors love to dance. Some of our staff are professionals with years of technical training, but some of us grew up watching music videos, Broadway musicals, and ice skating. We are former cheerleaders, fitness coaches, and drill team members.

We share our passion with others. Enjoy an adult dance class like no other: DivaDance® Company.

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