Bachelorette Party Dance Lessons

Classy. Unforgettable. Fun.

Party Packages Starting at $30 Per Person

Submit your info and we’ll text and Email you a link to our handy lil’ Party Planner with packages/pricing, song options, and FAQs!

Best Bachelorette Party Dance Ideas Ever

For your next non-traditional, unique bachelorette party, shake it with your ladies with a fun night of hip-hop and burlesque-inspired dance routines.

Spend up to an hour learning choreography to one of your favorite dance tunes. Booty-poppin’ optional-ish. Hashtags are necessary.

Plan out the party the way you want it. Because there’s no better gift than having fun with your girls. 

A stress-free environment. Dancing with your BFFs.

DivaDance offers a sexy, creative bachelorette party experience that nobody in your squad will soon forget. Most bachelorette party ideas are played out. Tired games with no excitement. Instead, gather your ladies and strut your stuff.

DivaDance knows how to throw a bachelorette party. Let your hair down with us.

Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Burlesque. Video Vixen. Hip-Hop Dance Moves.

Planning a Bachelorette Party?

five women at a bachelorette party smiling under a yay balloon

We can help!

DivaDance Event Coordinators book you one of the best places for Beyoncé bachelorette party awesomeness: wherever your people are!

We will help you put together all the details to host bachelorette party dance lessons you'll remember for years to come.

The Perfect Bachelorette Party Locations

Studio Locations in Cities Around the United States

DivaDance offers our unique in-studio party experiences. Beautiful facilities with all the props and changing areas needed for your party.

Check us out in a city near you!

Currently shaking in select cities including AustinCharlestonChicagoDallasHoustonNew York CitySan Antonio, and Washington DC, and more (view all) with plans for world domination. Think we could crush it in your city? Tell us! Franchise opportunities available! 

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Pop-Up Studios
Have music, will travel. We’ll bring the club experience to you with our pop-up studio. You bring the squad, we’ll bring the rest.

We’ll Come to You Anywhere. 
Wanna hold one of our unique, class bachelorette parties but there’s no DivaDance location nearby? We’ll bring it to you.

Work with our Party Concierge to make your event one of the best bachelorette dancing parties you’ve ever seen! Maybe it’s one of the best in-home bachelorette dancing party ideas ever. We’d like to think so.

How Do I Choose a Party Location?
Depending on where everyone is from, and where the wedding is taking place, you may be wondering where to go for a bachelorette party. Especially for a destination wedding.

It’s All About the Bride
The best bachelorette party locations are ones that are most convenient for the bride-to-be. She has more to deal with in planning the wedding than anyone does with bachelorette party planning. Consider your guest of honor when making plans.

Plan to work it, girl

DivaDance bachelorette party dance lessons are at least 45 minutes of full-on dance action. A sweaty, stress-free dance party environment where ladies can let their hair down and let their inner vixen out to play.

Hair-eography & Personal Sassitude

Every Diva has her own style. At DivaDance, we’re going to help you show it.

We believe hair flips are essential to dancing. And the best way to make a dance your own is to work in some winks, pouty lips, and smoldering eyes.

We’ve even come up with a few truly creative bachelorette party dance ideas to make every dance a little more personal. A little more customized.

At a Diva’s bachelorette party, it’s her time to shine. Let’s do this. It’s all about having a good time with your best friends. Let's celebrate.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Gimme a Beat
You don’t have to be an experienced dancer to have fun shaking your groove thing. Beyoncé themed bachelorette party DivaDance classes are great for all levels of dancers! Our instructors are ready any day of the week. Beginners welcome, no formal training needed.

women with feet up on chair

Submit. Select. Slay.

Easy Bachelorette Party Planning

Booking a party with DivaDance is easy.

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Complete the form above and provide your information. An Event Coordinator in your area will message you to discuss all the details for your bachelorette party dance lessons.

Set a date and time. Choose your bachelorette party location. Specify how many guests you expect. Select a song & dance routine from our menu. Want a special song included that’s not on our list? Let us know! We can work it into the warm-up or cool-down. Want to learn an amazing chair dance? No problem!

Lock in your party arrangements with a deposit. You can add more people before the party or change party details, and pay any additional charges at the party.

Our Cancellation Policy
We understand if you need to cancel a confirmed bachelorette party. Any deposit paid will be non-refundable.

Dress to Dance

Any sort of workout clothes are best for DivaDance bachelorette party activities. Yoga pants work best.

We’ll be grinding, strutting, and dipping. You’ll end up with a “glisten” by the end, so don’t be reckless in your Givenchy dress. Leave it at home, girl.

two women in colorful jackets dancing

Themed Outfits & Costumes

Some ladies choose to wear themed outfits or costumes for the party. We are so not mad at that!

Please discuss details of your themed outfit with the Event Coordinator before the party day. We try to minimize wearing heels & “street shoes” on our dance floor because of the damage it causes. Let’s chat about it.

Our Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party

If you ask us, this is how you throw a bachelorette party

Being a Diva means being a boss. And a Diva’s bachelorette party should show just how boss that bride-to-be really is.

DivaDance designs all bachelorette party dance lessons to be unique experiences for a bride and her squad. Just don’t be surprised when the haters who aren’t invited get jealous.

divadance new york sit icon

Lights. Camera. Action.

We set the mood with tinted lighting and our signature scent. It creates the right atmosphere before every Diva’s fun bachelorette party. Locations matter in lighting decisions – but leave it up to us to create the party groove.

neon pink ladies sign

No two private parties are exactly alike, and no matter how many DivaDance parties you go to, you’ll do something different at every one. It’s like your own private bachelorette dance party.

Professional videography is available, if you want to capture the evening. No personal filming allowed.

What happens at a DivaDance bachelorette party, stays at a DivaDance bachelorette party!

Ask your Party Concierge about all the fun Beyonce themed bachelorette parties. Maybe decide if you want a videographer or photos taken after that.

Not Your Mama’s Bachelorette Party Dancing

We have a few different bachelorette party ideas that we think you should try. Don’t be afraid of a good time.

party planner mini instructional guide photo

Book Your Party

DivaDance knows how to plan a dance class bachelorette party – and we love to do it! One of our Event Coordinators will call, text or email about the specifics. We’ll make it a special day for the bride-to-be day.

More Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Five Diverse Women Laughing and Drinking Champagne

Private Dance Lesson Bachelorette Party

An instructor will work with the Bride and Groom to create memorable bachelorette party dance lessons for your first wedding dance. 

black slaying is my cardio tote bag

Wedding Night Routine:
One of our most unique bachelorette party ideas – it’s pretty hush-hush. Maybe you’ve wondered how to strip out of your wedding dress after the reception? It’s kinda like that.

Our wedding night routine makes part of the party into playful instruction where the bride-to-be (and everyone else) learns a few fun, seductive moves to playfully spice up the wedding night.

There’s nothing quite like a DivaDance bachelorette party. #Girlpower in the extreme. We love it.

Stilettos & Chair Routine:
Fierce dancing in stilettos, while using a chair, has long been a talent of music video vixens. Let’s perfect it.

black stilettos

After The Party

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On our Spotify, you can find our party slay-lists and private mixes. Enjoy studio tunes and class songs as well.

Check Out Our Regular Class Schedules

You Slay Every Day

Not only does DivaDance have the best local bachelorette parties, we have the best local sexy adult dance classes too. Come learn it with us on the regular. 

A sweaty, sexy dance experience anywhere.

Check out our hip-hop and burlesque-inspired adult dance classes around the country.

Crush those #squadgoals as part of a unique sisterhood.

Every Bachelorette Party is Different!

Didn’t get to use all your bachelorette party dance ideas this weekend? Save them for your next single bestie who gets engaged! We’ve got the routine for you when the time comes.

One-of-a-kind dance experiences, every time. DivaDance Company.

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