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We’ll have a good time. Leave your worries behind!

DivaDance is the only dance experience for grown women. Why should all the little girls in tutus have all the fun?

DivaDance  Company was founded in 2015, but our roots go way deeper.

With self-love and body confidence at the core of our curriculum — combined with chart-topping pop and hip-hop tunes (singing along encouraged) — we offer all-levels of choreography in a sexy, sweaty, stress-free dance party. 

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Head Diva Jami Stigliano

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Little Dreams that Turn to Big Realities

The real inspiration for DivaDance started in a small town in Texas, in a bedroom filled with New Kids on the Block posters. Our CEO and Head Diva, Jami Stigliano,began choreographing dance routines for herself and friends way back when Madonna, Mariah, and Paula Abdul were topping the charts.

Following a stint as Dance Captain in high school and after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Jami took her passion for pop music to NYC, where (by day) she developed her career as a music industry executive at Jive Records, and (by night) she created DivaDance as an alternative to stressful dance studios targeting only those who were Broadway-bound.

“After years of traveling with recording artists across the globe, running album releases and campaigns, fighting to break new artists, producing video shoots and promo tours, and devoting my life 24:7 to helping pop stars become rich and famous- I made the decision in 2015 to DO MORE OF WHAT I LOVE and make DivaDance my primary focus.”
Since its inception, Jami has amassed a supergroup girl squad – a sisterhood – that slays in NYC. Inspired to bring sexy, stress-free dancing to grown-ups everywhere, Jami decided to turn DivaDance into a national sensation.

Who knew that dance-filled-slumber parties, would eventually inspire something so special?

Although still heavily involved and connected to some of the music industry’s biggest names, Jami is now dedicated to helping empower every woman across America.

“My passion for girl power is second only to helping others reach their full potential.”

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Jami Stigliano
CEO & Head Diva

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DivaDance Studios

You Know They Talk About Us

Diva is a state of mind. A Diva can be at home anywhere, and all across the world, Divas call every city “home.”

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How trendy dance classes in stilettos can give you a confidence boost you never thought you needed.

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As Featured in InStyle Magazine!

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As Featured in InStyle Magazine!

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New York City, New York

DivaDance has had New York City ladies strutting and swerving since 2003. We're named AM NY’s “Best Dance Class” and have (flawless) 5-star Yelp reviews.

Mobile Dance Studios

No matter where you are, DivaDance wants to bring the party to you.

Our Mobile Dance Studio will arrive at your door, or anywhere that you and your squad want to get down.

Coming Soon!

DivaDance is currently expanding in select cities around the US.

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