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The Best Bachelorette Party in Charleston

Southern belles turned Diva. Grab your squad ladies, it's time to dance!

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What is DivaDance?

South Carolina’s most fierce hip-hop dance classes are now partying in Charleston!

Want to know what to do for a bachelorette party in Charleston? Check out our party guide!

Sweaty, sexy, shimmying fun set to the south’s hottest playlist. From bachelorette to birthdays to girls night out, everyone is gonna want to celebrate with you!

We’re talking freestyle. Shake it. Slay like Beyoncé!





"OMG, this was the best bachelorette party ever!"

Adult Birthday Party Packages

Basic (Not-so-Basic) Adult Birthday Party
Your inner diva will thank you. A 45-minute dance party with your tribe. This is the perfect package for an unforgettable 18th birthday party.

Mini-Premium B-Day Party
This is not your Southern belle’s tea-party. 60 amazing minutes of shaking and twerking, and a bottle of champagne to top it off. The Duchess of Sussex will be jealous.

Premium Women’s Birthday Party (Platinum Edition)
Who wants a high-energy, booty shaking hour-long dance party with their best friends, topped off with a bottle of bubbly and cupcakes (what?) for her 30th birthday party? (or any other worthy bday?)

Answer: EVERYbody in Charleston, that’s who!

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Give A Diva Worthy Gift

There are lots of birthday gifts, but nothing’s the same as giving the gift of memories.

The DivaDance adult birthday party experience is perfect for that woman who has everything. Give her something you know she’ll love And here’s a little secret — you know it’s the right size.

Give the gift of a DivaDance party. Always a DIVA good time.

Bachelorette Party weekend is in Charleston!

Throw the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Girl, DivaDance is the place for the most memorable Charleston bachelorette parties. We’ve got everything you need to get the party started before he puts a ring on it.

Get ready to learn a new dance and prep some moves for the big day!

three dancers in leather leggings and white tank tops dance on a runway in front of an audience

Sorority Sisterhood Dance Parties

For an Unbelievably FUN-tastic Bid Day

Make memories that your sisters will remember forever.

Sorority Sisterhood Dance Parties in Charleston

Dance your tutu off for 45 minutes with up to 100 (yeah, really) of your sistas, slaying it with an active, hawt, new hip-hop dance routine.

Choose Your Song & Dance Routine
Every Sorority Sisterhood dance party lets your ladies select a song and dance from our menu. We’re not talking the same ‘old boring moves, our choreo can be adjusted to any level – both fun and amazing for everyone.

Customize your routine. Mix it up with your squad’s own signature moves. 

Upgrade Your Sorority Bid Day
Want to add champagne, cupcakes, or custom t-shirts? Just ask us! We love making your party unique and accommodating your special requests.

A COVID-19 Friendly Thing To Do For Your Charleston Bachelorette Party

Your Own Sexy Signature Dance Routine

With our “hair-eography” and selfie-worthy expression coaching, your squad will develop a dance that is all your own. Hair flips and pouty lips give each dancer a moment in the spotlight. Put it all together for an energy-filled routine that no other Southern sorority will have.

nine women on a party bus while woman in front holds up phone to take a selfie
DivaDance® Parties - Charleston, South Carolina 2

Charleston Ladies, Leave Your Man At Home

There’s nothing like a Charleston girl’s night out. P-A-R-T-Y! DivaDance is the perfect way to get the party started.

Warm Up for the Club
Come with your gals and get warmed up with a dance routine you can show off at the club. You don’t need any of that formal dance training. Just bring your passion to move and our DivaDance instructors will help you harness that inner child.

diva dance charleston dance party photo strip

DivaDance Corporate Dance Party Package

This is not your mom’s company party
Host a customized corporate DivaDance party right here in Charleston! 

Great for Big or Small Groups
Create a corporate event with an energetic, fun, and playful atmosphere! An activity for ladies – and guys! – of all dance levels and ages!

Large Corporate Dance Parties
Our Diva-worthy Corporate Dance Party Package includes a 45-minute DivaDance party for up to 100 staff. (Say what?)

Matching Team T-Shirts Available
Remember your DivaDance Charleston team-building experience with matching t-shirts for everyone. Talk to your Event Coordinator for all the juicy details.

two women stading back to back hands on hips
group of women in a dance party in dance studio in front of mirrors in tank tops

Conferences. Seminars. Corporate Training. Office Parties.

Whether you’re a Charleston-based company or a group visiting the beautiful state of South Carolina for training, a seminar, or a conference. It’s time for a different team-building experience.

Don’t try to fight the rhythm. Dancing really brings teams together.  So let your hair down and enjoy!

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