Hello, Philadelphia!

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women in Philadelphia

DivaDance Company is seeking women in the city of Philadelphia

Women who are strong. Women who love dance. Women who are motivated. Women who are the boss. Women who can slay.

DivaDance has dance fitness franchise opportunities in Philadelphia for such epic women.

What is DivaDance?

We are a unique dance experience. We are for adults. Our clients come to dance and have a great time with their #girlsquad and #galpals at our one-of-a-kind sessions. We teach slaying, sassy choreo using the latest chart topping music in pop, hip hop, rap, and more.

No stress. No drama. No grapevine steps. Yes dance parties. Yes girl’s night out. Yes bachelorette bashes.

Our goal is to strengthen Divas to be the baddest in the game.
Doing what they love to do. Taking care of their families. Taking care of themselves. Building a life. Making their mark.

Hey girls, if this is your goal too, take charge and get your life moving forward.
Get that Philadelphia freedom. Start now and check out the DivaDance dance franchise opportunities for women.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you. Grab it now and own it.

Want to own a dance business in Philadelphia?

DivaDance is an exciting business venture for women. Our exceptional franchise business model is designed to breed success. Best of all it is a business that you run, not that runs you.

A DivaDance franchise has a built-in network of sisters from all around the US to help promote your city of Philadelphia.

At DivaDance, our dance business philosophy is:



We’re looking for VIPs to try DivaDance in Philadelphia! Drop your info for a special invite to a FREE preview class when we launch!

Philadelphia has Exciting Dance Franchise Opportunities

Are you an entrepreneur? Want to set your own schedule? Want to have fun? Get fit? Dance? Bond with other Divas?

Why not own a dance business? It is easy. It is fun. It is fulfilling.

DivaDance Company will provide you with all the business training you need; teach you about all the marketing tools available; show you all the dance moves to teach; train you on selecting your instructors; and so much more.

Don’t work all day. Just grind til you own it.

Opening a Dance Studio for Adults

DivaDance will show you how to target the best area in your town to open your dance studio. We help you get set up so the Divas will sign up!

What the DivaDance Business Model Provides

  • Initial and ongoing training support in both dance instruction and business administration.
  • Startup marketing materials such as licensed DivaDance clothes and gear, templates for flyers and cards, presentation information for event planners and groups, social media sample posts with video clips, etc.
  • Help finding media contacts in your area for promo spots.
  • Community networking groups for potential promotional opportunities.
  • Fast and easy website to get you noticed quickly and your classes full.
  • Shareable social media from every DivaDance studio to build the brand across the land.
  • Access to experts in dance and business via conferences and community events. Get the scoop on what works for other Divas.
  • The crew at DivaDance Company is your “bestie” for getting your franchise up and dancing.

Buying a Dance Studio Franchise is Easy with DivaDance

DivaDance wants women with the entrepreneurial spirit to bring the Diva attitude, confidence, and sisterhood to Philadelphia.

Dance Franchise Opportunities for Women Who Slay

Been in business before? Interested but not sure if you have the Diva skills? If you tell us what you already know, we can enhance that knowledge to help you grow.

Amazing business opportunities for women do exist.

Have the business savvy but no dance skills? Don’t fret just yet. We have a plan for that.

We will instruct you on how to instruct your own dance fitness classes. Our pros know the dance ropes, so you will be at ease when it is your time to teach.

We show you:

  • Choreography for dance fitness classes.
  • Techniques for properly stretching, how to warm up, teaching the steps of the routine, and a final cool down.
  • How to use special props in your dance fitness routines.
  • How to be an inspiring group leader.
  • How to hire the best instructors.

Ever Dream of Owning a Dance Business?

woman in yellow shirt

Are you a dancer and don’t know squat about business?

We will give you what you need to succeed:

  • A plan to grow your business including how to get the best studio location.
  • Training for managing your Diva staff and team.
  • Information on proper finance and accounting recordkeeping.
  • Professional marketing and public relations advice.
  • Tips on building great business contacts and relationships.
  • Referrals for new business.

Get your future started with a dance fitness franchise in Philadelphia, PA.

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