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Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women

Opening a Dance Studio Franchise in Your City Has Never Been Easier

A unique dance franchise opportunity.

Start something that can last your lifetime. Bring joy and harmony to life. We are a one-of-a-kind sisterhood, with a unique dance fitness franchise opportunity for women. We’re looking to bring success to your life and style to every city.

Divas slay, every day. Embrace your Diva. Own your own dance fitness business.

A Unique Mission

DivaDance Company is on a mission: to bring women together for a unique dance fitness experience. To build self-confidence, self-love, and community in ourselves and women we meet.

A Different Philosophy

DivaDance operates by a few basic principles. This is how we Slay It, every day.

See it. Want it. Dream it. Work hard. Grind til you own it.

Be in control. That’s how Divas live.

A Stellar Dance Franchise Opportunity

Opening a dance studio – opening any new business – takes a lot of work. DivaDance Company has structured a dance fitness franchise business model with flexibility to work for all types of lifestyles and locations.

Passionate. Savvy. Outgoing.

Dance franchise business opportunities for women who know what they want and go get it.

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 1
Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 2

“We feel that if you’re confident, you’re a better mother, wife, sister, coworker… what we do for women is so much bigger than just dance classes.”

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 3

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities Nationwide

We are now bringing DivaDance to select cities throughout the US. Want to know more about our dance fitness franchising options?

DivaDance. Coming to Your City Soon.

HERstory: Jami Stigliano & The Skinny on DivaDance

Kick Up Your Feet and Stay A While.

Legacy. Legend. Life.
“My passion for girlpower is second only to my love of business, people, and the desire to help others reach their potential.”

After years doing choreography and dancing, it hit me after college that I wanted to come together with the ladies in my life – who I love – and have a fun time doing something different.

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 4
Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 5

Why should all the little girls have fun with dance choreography? My ladies could come together and party hard sometimes!

This small beginning of the idea for DivaDance grew. For over 10 years, I ran a part-time dance fitness studio in NYC. Living the life of #squadgoals, but I wanted to do it every day.

Now it’s my dream to make DivaDance a real national sisterhood and epic sensation. After working with thousands of dancers and leading hundreds of parties, we’re well on our way to taking our branded ultimate dance fitness experience across the country.

During my 15 years in the music industry, I’ve contributed to careers for some of the biggest international Divas. Now, my plan is to bring this mindset to all the fierce ladies with my one-of-a-kind dance franchise opportunity. As a DivaDance franchisee, you can enrich and serve the lives of women.

Make going to work every day about more than just work – make it about fully living life.

All ladies – throw your hands up! You’re rock stars, its your time to shine, and DivaDance dance fitness franchises are here to help you turn your love of dance into the #startofsomethingbig.

– Jami Stigliano
CEO & Head Diva

Our Vision

DivaDance enriches the lives of women.

Our Goals

DivaDance Company provides unique dance fitness business opportunities for women. DivaDance supports and influences communities of women.

DivaDance promotes women’s self-confidence, self-love, and acceptance of themselves.

Our Philosophy

DivaDance is more than a company – we’re a sisterhood.

Supporting one another in everything we do, we know that in order for a team to succeed, we each must be strong.


Create Your Community: A Unique Dance Fitness Studio Business Plan

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 6

The DivaDance Dance Fitness Franchise Team Supports Potential Success

You bring your passion, we’ll bring the training
As a business owner with DivaDance, you’ll have access to numerous resources. Don’t start a business from scratch. There’s an easier way.

Custom Training

Our one-of-a-kind dance fitness franchise business plan provides every franchise operator custom training. Build on your strengths, have a team to guide and assist.

Fierce Support Team

DivaDance has assembled a committed support team, with well over 50 years of combined experience to help you start and develop your business.

Nationally recognized. Movers and shakers. #SuperSquad

SwagBag of Resources

Make the most of buying a dance fitness studio franchise by using every resource we provide to you.


ProTips and Business Hacks

We work with leading professional choreographers and dancers to bring the most innovative and popular techniques to our team, nationwide.

Branded Apparel

DivaDance apparel is a big hit among our students (and their squads!) These items can be available at your dance franchise location or create new designs to suit your city.

Check Out Our Dance Franchise Locations

All DivaDance dance franchises celebrate #girlpower every day. Check out what’s going on in our established dance franchises.

Extensive Dance Fitness Franchise Operations Training Program

From Opening to Everyday: Always Something to Learn

Opportunities in dance franchising are most valuable when they offer the sort of training that supports franchisee success. Bring what you know, and we’ll help you grow.

Franchisee training includes orientation phone and video calls.

We can help guide you through questions about locations and business administration.

Every woman has the same number of hours in her day. Even Beyoncé.

We provide monthly ongoing training and conference calls for every Diva.

We all continue to grow together.

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 7
Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 8

Marketing Materials and Templates for Your Dance Fitness Franchise

Get Started and Keep It Going: Easy to Promote DivaDance

Opening a franchise dance fitness studio of your very own has never been easier.

DivaDance will supply you with the marketing materials to get your local operations started.

  • Official DivaDance gear to rep our squad.
  • Researched business networking opportunities in your city.
  • Assistance with getting reviews and publications.
  • Sample social media posts, photos, and video clips.
  • Presentation samples for pitching to wedding planners, sororities, mommy groups, theater companies, and more.
  • Templates for postcards, business cards, and promotional flyers.

Don’t waste time designing marketing materials or seeking out local leads. The DivaDance corporate team is here to help you build your dance fitness franchise.

Marketing Help Gets You Started

So Fancy. Gonna Put on A Show.

DivaDance sister dance fitness franchises support one another online. Take advantage of our strong social media presence.

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 9

Super-Easy Website

New dance franchises are built up quickly with a page on our established website. Get immediate attention and a powerful, rocking web page for your location immediately after you start.

Social Media Squad

All DivaDance sister dance fitness franchises share and re-share each other’s posts on social media. We’re building a network across the country. Divas rocking everywhere.

Want more information?

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 10

Online & Offline MeetUps

Community marketing events and conferences to help everyone. Find out from other Divas what works in their cities. Experience the benefits of everyone’s growth.

Connect with experts in all industries in every city.

Keep classes growing and party schedules full. Work our dance fitness franchise system and watch it work for you.

The DivaDance Brand

The DivaDance System

Unique in home party business opportunities, DivaDance is developing a system that works hard for our hardworking Divas. Don’t adapt your life to your business, adapt your businesses to your life.

Do what you love and be rewarded for life.

Owning a dance fitness franchise can be a life-long opportunity. A business that grows with you. That you develop. Spend your life doing what you love.

The DivaDance dance franchise system can help you build your own empire.

Custom Training: DivaDance Dance Fitness Franchise Power-Ups

Know About Dancing But Not About Business?

We provide dance fitness franchising opportunities for dancers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Build your own system off ours. We make it easy to complete admin and marketing tasks. We make it easy to “do” business.

We can teach you the “dance fitness business”
We teach business skills, including:

  • Business plan development
  • Operations, staff management, team training
  • Accounting and finance
  • Marketing, PR, business relationships, referrals
  • Location scouting and contracting

And More

Make it easy to develop your dance fitness franchise. The DivaDance system makes our business fun, sexy, and accessible.

We can help you hire the best talent

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 11

If you’re not interested in teaching dance classes yourself, our DivaDance training program can help you learn how to recruit the best dancers in your area as your instructors.

Develop your dance franchise the way you want it. Enjoy the chance to push the limits of your potential.

Divas: Learning. Slaying Challenges. Making waves in every city.

Know About Business But Not About Dancing?

A DivaDance dance franchise opportunity for might be right for the woman entrepreneur who wants to spend her life dancing.

Build your own style off our instruction. We make it easy to learn to dance in a fun, casual atmosphere.

We can teach you the “business of dance fitness”
We teach dance instructor skills, including:

  • Dance fitness curriculum and choreography
  • Proper stretching, warm up, and cool down techniques
  • Interpersonal skills for group leadership
  • Incorporating props into dance fitness routines

And More

Want to Establish a Dance Fitness Franchise with a Co-Partner?

Dance Franchise Opportunities for Teams and Individuals

Maybe you and your bestie are two halves of one whole. Maybe you and your squad would like to open a dance fitness franchise to create dance class options in your city.

Nothing is better than slaying it daily with ladies you love.

DivaDance has dance franchise opportunities for enterprising women who are interested in co-owning a piece of greatness together.

Interested in dance franchise opportunities available in your area?

Contact Us for more details.

“This website and the information contained herein does not constitute the offer of a franchise. The offer and sale of the franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”).”

A Woman’s Dance Franchise Opportunity. For The Ultimate Dance Class. For Life.

Invest in Yourself. Live Your Dreams.

Dance Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Women 12

At DivaDance, we believe in dreaming big. You can start something today that sets a path of success for the rest of your life. If you love to dance, want to go into business for yourself – but not alone – and are confident in your ability to work with all types of people in order to make their lives better.

This is for you. This is for anyone who has a plan to get hers outta her life.

One of a kind national & international dance fitness franchise opportunities for women: DivaDance Company.

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