Things to Do in Brooklyn: 10 Must-Try Activities and Experiences

The brooklyn bridge at sunset.

Brooklyn, fondly referred to as the heart of New York, is a melting pot of culture, creativity, and community. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through, there’s a dynamic array of things to do in Brooklyn that cater to every interest and passion. Known for its unique vibe, artsy corners, and lush green spaces, it represents the spirit of New York — diverse, energetic, and ever-evolving. In the middle of this urban wonderland lies the green oasis of Prospect Park, offering its own plethora of things to do in Prospect Park that blend natural beauty with cultural festivities. Let’s dive in and discover what Brooklyn and Prospect Park have in store to uplift and inspire all kinds of women, from the art enthusiast to the nature lover, and yes, even the dance diva!

things to do in brooklyn
Photo courtesy of DivaDance Company.

1. Dance your heart out with DivaDance

What better way to celebrate life and express yourself than through the universal language of dance? DivaDance Brooklyn/Prospect Park is not just about learning moves; it’s about letting loose, fostering self-confidence, and building a supportive community. Women of all experience levels can join in these high-energy, stress-free dance classes. Whether seeking things to do in Prospect Park and trying a pop-up class or opting for a studio session, you’ll find yourself surrounded by positive energy and empowerment while learning choreo to some of the latest hits. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of nailing a routine with your newfound dance squad! Bonus idea when seeking fun things to do in Brooklyn: DivaDance Brooklyn/Prospect Park also offers private parties for birthdays, bachelorettes, and more!
Things to Do in Brooklyn: 10 Must-Try Activities and Experiences 1

things to do in brooklyn

2. Stroll the Brooklyn Bridge

A list of things to do in Brooklyn would be incomplete without walking the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. This historic landmark offers breathtaking views of the city skyline — perfect for that Instagram-worthy shot! It’s a place where tourists and locals alike gather to take in the sights and sounds of the city. And the best part? It’s a wonderful opportunity to get some exercise and relish the outdoors.

The metropolitan museum of art, a must-visit attraction in New York City.
Photo courtesy of @ajay_suresh.

3. Experience the Brooklyn arts scene

When considering things to do in Brooklyn, the vibrant art scene is not to be missed. From the Brooklyn Museum, which hosts an impressive collection of both ancient and contemporary pieces, to the street art that adorns various neighborhoods, there’s a visual feast at every turn. Engaging with the art community here can be an inspiring outing for creatives.

A picnic basket with fruit and wine, perfect for a relaxing outing in Brooklyn.

4. Have a picnic in Prospect Park

Prospect Park is a verdant haven where you can lay down a blanket, unpack a basket, and enjoy a serene picnic with friends. Large open spaces, the scent of blooming flowers, and the laughter of fellow park-goers create an idyllic backdrop for a leisurely afternoon. It’s a “must-do” among the various things to do in Prospect Park.

A group of people holding up a rainbow flag during a parade in Brooklyn.
Photo courtesy of Gotham Cheer/Brooklyn Pride.

5. Attend a seasonal event or festival

The city’s calendar is peppered with things to do in Brooklyn and events catering to every taste and interest, from Brooklyn Pride and music festivals to food markets and cultural fairs. Whether you’re swaying to live jazz in the summer or attending a book festival in the fall, these gatherings are occasions to bond with the community and create lasting memories.

A group of people eating pizza at a restaurant.

6. Explore local culinary delights

Brooklyn’s food scene is as diverse as its population. Feast on everything from gourmet donuts to authentic Caribbean cuisine. Exploring local eateries is certainly one of the most delicious things to do in Brooklyn, offering a chance to savor flavors from all around the world right in New York’s eclectic food capital.

A woman is paddling a kayak on a lake.

7. Paddle on the Prospect Park Lake

For the adventurous spirit looking for things to do in Prospect Park, kayaking or pedal boating on Prospect Park Lake is an exhilarating way to experience nature in the city. The peaceful waters and surrounding greenery provide a tranquil escape from the urban hustle.

A woman shopping in a clothing store.

8. Shop at unique boutiques and thrift stores

Brooklyn’s shopping scene boasts an array of unique stores that reflect the borough’s creative ethos. From vintage finds to handcrafted jewelry, shopping here means supporting local businesses and maybe even finding that special piece that speaks to your individual style.

A row of brick buildings with wrought iron railings.

9. Take a historical tour ️

Brooklyn is steeped in history, and there’s much to learn from its storied past. Sign up for a guided walking tour to discover hidden gems and untold stories that will deepen your appreciation for this dynamic borough.

things to do in brooklyn

10. Enjoy outdoor movies and concerts

Summer nights in Brooklyn often feature outdoor movies and concerts, making for a magical way to spend an evening under the stars. From classic films to indie bands, the entertainment is as diverse and exciting as Brooklyn itself.

Wrap-Up of Things to Do in Brooklyn & Prospect Park

As you can see, Brooklyn is bursting with opportunities for fun, self-expression, and community building. Whether it’s shaking it off at a DivaDance class or taking in the natural beauty of Prospect Park, there’s something for every woman. These things to do in Brooklyn and things to do in Prospect Park are more than just activities — they’re gateways to new experiences, personal growth, and the joy of belonging to a vibrant community. Gather your girlfriends, your courage, and your curiosity, and dive into all that Brooklyn has to offer. Who knows? You just might find a new passion or a hidden corner of the city that feels like it was made just for you.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Brooklyn?

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