The Evolution of Britney Spears

Britney Spears

The Evolution of Britney Spears

Her dancing. We’re talking about her dancing. Not the unique haircut she got back in 2007 (yikes… totally a mood, but yikes) or the plastic surgery she may or may not be getting now that she’s almost 40. (But really, who cares?!)

A few years back, we got the chance to see Brit Brit on the Las Vegas Strip for Britney: Piece of Me, and it wasn’t her body that caught our eye. Not the singing (no comment). Not the fiery stage effects or the sparkling, barely-there costumes. It was Brit’s moves. It was like “Slave 4 U” Britney circa 2001 ALL OVER AGAIN. ::fangirls out::

It’s no small secret that Brit’s dancing has totally evolved over the years as she’s grown from a teletubby-loving teenager on the cover of Rolling Stone to a mother of two kiddos to that whole “Not Yet a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” phase in between. But what has it taken to get the Louisiana native from “…Baby One More Time” to “Work B**ch“? Just for (high) kicks, let us take a looksee:


…Baby One More Time (1999): Those braids. That miniskirt. That… cardigan. One iconic dance move. The fantasy of teenage boys across the globe. This is definitely the start of something truly iconic. These days, we’re certain to see at least a handful of Halloween costumes inspired by this epic music video each year. Sweet, sassy, flirty? Check, check, and check!



Oops!…I Did It Again (2000): That hair. That catsuit. That oh-so-frosty eye look. The “I played with your heart…” dance move that girls performed in front of their full-length mirrors. (Oh, and that epic Titantic reference… which should have gotten Leo an Oscar 20 years before The Revenant, but we digress.)



“I’m a Slave 4 U” (2001): Who can forget Brit’s iconic 2001 MTV VMAs performance with Banana the snake? Personally, I could NEVER. Also, those abs… AMAAAZING!!! :::drools:::



“Me Against The Music” (2003): You know you’ve peaked when it’s just you. And Madonna. In the zone. Together. Making out. #sojealous



“Gimme More” (2007): We love you Britney, but you’re better than pole dancing. GIVE US MOAR! And by more, we mean more floor werk, babe!



“Womanizer” (2008): Aaaand hair flips become the norm, but that’s okay, because it’s Britney, bitch.



“Stronger” (2009): The black and white imagery? Bangin. Brit’s expert use of a plain metal chair? Bangin. That car chase scene through a lightning storm? Bangin. Dissing that guy who did her wrong? Bangin.

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“Till The World Ends” (2011): At the end of your 20’s many pop stars change up their style, but Britney is still rockin’ those hair flips… but with a hint of dancing. Getting back in the groove? Yes, Britney, YES! May the Holy Spearit move you (literally)!



“Work B**ch” (2013): You want to dance like me? You better WORK, bitch. Thanks for the reminder that your moves are iconic and no small matter.



“Make Me” (2016): Brit Brit took a bit of a break with this one, and left the dancing up to the men… lots and lots of men. We *LOVE* a good music video storyline, don’t we ladies? Also, can’t beat that this one starts with brunch with the gals… Mimosa, anyone?



Britney: Piece of Me (2017): Not only are her moves back, but her confidence is back. I mean, how could it not when you’re wearing a bedazzled ensemble worthy of the VS Fashion Show? Here, see for yourself.



Quarantine Britney (2020): Not even a global pandemic can keep this diva from being fabulous. With shelter in place and social distancing the new normal, Brit’s been keeping her physical and mental health a top priority. Her Instagram is full of exercises, yoga poses, and dance moves sure to kick the coronavirus blues. A true quaranQUEEN!



Two decades worth of truly unforgettable songs, blingy costumes, quarantine workouts, and easily some of the most recognizable choreo on the planet makes Britney Spears a true diva LEGEND. Want to learn the moves and live out your teenage dreams? Check out DivaDance in your city to dance along to your fave Britney songs!

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