The BEST Wifelorette Party EVER!

Eight Diverse Women Dancing at a Wifelorette Party

Sooo, you’re finally married to your dream spouse, but thanks to Covid-19 you never got to celebrate with all your besties in person (BOOOO!). Of course, you can’t turn back the clock, but it is never too late to party like you’re still a single lady.  You’re no longer a bachelorette, but who says you can’t slay the wifelorette role and take on a time to remember with your gal pals?!

Wifelorette parties are the new reality for our amazing corona brides who are looking to find ways to celebrate the fling before the ring AFTER the wedding of their dreams. Now that corona is over and you can hit the town, let’s talk about all the ways to celebrate the way you should have been able to in the first place…thanks corona! 


Find Someone to Help You Plan!

Four Women Dancing at a Club

Okay, let’s face it, planning parties can be overwhelming…especially wifelorette parties! Luckily you don’t have to do it alone! Party planners exist for a reason and can make any wifelorette forget about the chaos corona created. Got Your Bach specializes in making the most of your time as a bachelorette, or in this case a wifelorette! They offer insporation, guides, and personalized parties to fit any theme and dream. 

Get Glammed Up

Women Getting a Facial at a Spa

We aren’t wearing masks anymore, Hunny. To start off your wifelorette weekend, get your squad together to get facials and mani-pedis to say goodbye to COVID-19 for good! Find a spa/salon that will accommodate your party in advance. Search for a spa experience guaranteed to have your gals feeling ready for a night on the town. Look for special offers on Groupon that will make your skin glow, refresh your energy, and not hurt your wallet all at the same time. 

Treat Yourself to Some Goodies

Vanilla Cupcakes on a Silver Tray

Okay, foodies, this one is for you! Who doesn’t love baked goods? Bakeries are the best places to spend time with your girls while having a small snack between activities. Many bakeries have the cutest desserts for the wifelorette squad to go crazy over. Fitting any aesthetic you are looking for, local bakeries often offer different designs and flavors to satisfy even the pickiest cupcake enthusiast.

Get the Cutest Decorations


The wifelorette deserves an Instagramable celebration that she will never forget. Purchasing cute decorations from places like Party City can make any party go from drab to FAB! Set a fun theme like “tropical vacation” or “Barbie dream house” and purchase decor accordingly. You cannot go wrong with leis, a fake palm tree, and Piña colada, girl!  

Learn Dance Choreography with DivaDance

DivaDance Five Women Of Color Dancing

Get your squad moving and make slaying your cardio! DivaDance is the hottest adult dance class where instructors teach you and your ladies step-by-step choreography that you can ACTUALLY use. Instructors make it sweaty, sexy, and stress-free for even the least experienced dancers. So if you have ladies who can pass as background dancers for Bey, but also ladies who have two left feet, DivaDance can work with ANYONE and EVERYONE. Pick the song you want your wifelorette squad to dance to, choose a fun theme (wigs is a fun one!), and let DivaDance do the rest! It’s seriously ahhh-mazing! 

find a location

Participate in a Winery/Bar Crawl

The BEST Wifelorette Party EVER! 1

For the ladies who like to have the occasional drink (or two or three… we don’t judge) partaking in a local winery or bar tour can be a real hoot. Many large cities offer bar crawls in the bar districts that can show off hidden gems that even the biggest drink enthusiasts were unaware of. Winery tours are a cool way to get the ladies to try wines special to the area that they may have never had before. It’s a great way to break in the taste buds and get a buzz on. 

Have a Cookoff!

A Person Cooking Vegetables in a Pan on a Stove

If a ton of your gal pals love cooking and are a tad competitive like mine, having a cook-off is a fun way to bring out that competitive spirit and tasty dishes. Cooking together is a great activity to bring a group together as well! Split your squad into two-four teams and choose one dish that each team must make with a special twist for their team. My favorite? Chili! Send the team off to get groceries under a certain dollar amount and time frame then begin the cooking goodness! There are bound to be laughs and memories made (and a yummy dish for all to enjoy). Bon appetit! 

Wifelorette Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt

A fun idea for a newly married wifey is to create a specialized scavenger hunt for her and her squad. Whoever is putting the party on for the special wifelorette can work with the guest of honor’s hubby to set the group off on an adventure through the couple’s relationship. Hitting up places like where they first kissed, their first date, and where he proposed are memorable spots the wifelorette can remember again and look back on! During the scavenger hunt, there can be small prizes or pre-paid for drinks/food for the group to enjoy during their journey!

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