The Ultimate Guide to Your Sandy Springs Bachelorette Party

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Wife life is around the corner… what better way to celebrate than an all-out party with your best girls?! The options are endless, we know, and every bride has a different version of fun. But don’t sweat, DivaDance is here to help our gorgeous Georgia brides have the perfect, pre-hitched party of their dreams! If you’re planning an Atlanta or Sandy Springs bachelorette party, this list is for you. We’ve saved you the Internet scouring and compiled our favorite must-stop spots and unforgettable outings for EVERY type of bride, so you can focus more on the fun and less on the stress!

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For the Mimosa Mami

You’re the one getting everyone out of bed and out for a bite every Sunday. You’ll do anything for champagne and orange juice and love a good eggs benedict and chips and guac. Brunch is your THING, girl! Here are some of the best places to hit for your boozy brunch Atlanta or Sandy Springs bachelorette:

Rooftop venue in Sandy Springs with seating area, ideal for a bachelorette, and a large, iconic neon sign in the background under a cloudy sky.

For the Bar-Crawl Bride

You thrive on weekends, and hitting every hot spot is how you do it! You love bouncing from place to place, catching all the vibes and seeing all the faces. You’ve made some of your favorite memories running around town with your besties, and can truly adjust to any atmosphere. So, what better thing to do than a classic bar crawl bachelorette party? Make a few more crazy mems with these can’t-miss places for your Sandy Springs bachelorette party:

Group of women celebrating a Sandy Springs bachelorette at DivaDance

For the Dancing Queen

You hear your favorite song in the distance, and you’re the one dragging everyone by the wrist saying, “We have to go dance!” You’re the by-the-DJ-booth, elevated-surface, fist-pumping, booty-popping princess who has the most infectious energy. You live for a dance circle, and you’ll live for these fun bar and club recs in the Sandy Springs/ATL area for an absolutely iconic bachelorette party stop.

Sculpted garden figure with floral decoration emitting water into a pond, perfect for a Sandy Springs bachelorette.

For the Nature Babe

You radiate serenity, and all your friends come to you for advice. You’re up for yoga at 7 a.m., and your manifesting journal has all your friends jealous. Some sunshine, a slight breeze, cute critters, and stunning scenery are all you need. We see you, nature babe! What better way to treat yourself and your girls than seeing everything the Sandy Springs landscape has to offer? A chill girl bachelorette party that’ll bring everyone peace of mind is totally your style, and these sights are the perfect backdrop for your Sandy Springs bachelorette:

Twilight over a cozy outdoor seating area with a lush green lawn, surrounded by tall trees and warmed by patio heaters near an inviting building.

For the Wine-Loving Lady

Nothing to “wine” about with a fun-loving lady like you! You’re always down for a glass, whether it be a chill night in, a cute dinner moment, or a crazy night out! You have the cutest glass collection and are never not stocked with your favorite bottle. Classy and full of charisma: true wife material! And of course, nothing says bride-to-be like a stunning backdrop and your favorite beverage. A trip to the winery is the perfect outing for your ATL or Sandy Springs bachelorette party, and we’ve rounded up the best options:

A colorful pontoon brewing company sign placed outdoors with picnic tables in the background.

For the Brewery Babe

Beer girls, stand UP! You’re an old soul, love keeping it simple, and can totally hang with the boys. But they can beat it for this one! A good pint is always refreshing, just like you babe. That’s why a stunning, rustic brewery is the best place for your Sandy Springs or Atlanta bachelorette party! Cool, casual, and oh-so-fun, these can’t-miss Sandy Springs bachelorette spots are sure to be a hoot:

Aerial view of a historic brick building with a distinctive tower in the foreground, with a backdrop of a sprawling city skyline under a cloudy sky.

For the Instagram Model

“Can we take pics?” Duh! Your closet is to die for, and you’re always throwing a ‘fit on Instagram. You have the best style and take the most stunning photos, and you are always down for a good selfie. You can work every angle and know the best backdrops for any pic. You should basically be an influencer at this point! Don’t worry Miss Fiancé, these spots are the best backdrops for a super-slay Sandy Springs bachelorette photoshoot:

Bright and airy café interior with patterned floor, hanging plants, and wicker chairs.

For the Hot Spot Hottie

You’re the most organized of the group, and you love an itinerary. You want to do it all, and we don’t blame you, bride-to-be! This is your day, and there are so many ways to celebrate it. Hit just one or hit them all, here are some worthy locations to add to your list of Atlanta or Sandy Springs bachelorette party ideas:

Which Sandy Springs or Atlanta bride-to-be persona did you identify with most? Comment below and get to planning your dream Sandy Springs bachelorette!

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