The Best Bachelorette Parties in DC: Where to Go & What to Do

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When you think of bachelorette parties in DC, you may be picturing historical museums, old landmarks, and all the things that might make you think twice about what makes for a great girls’ night out in our nation’s capital. Contrary to popular belief, Washington, DC, can actually be a ton of fun when it comes to celebrating your bride-to-be bestie and her bridal squad! Check out this list full of everything you need to know when it comes to planning the best bachelorette parties in DC.

Call Your Mother on a beautiful sunny day, great for bachelorette parties in dc
Photo courtesy of Call Your Mother.

Where to Go

Pro-tip for first-time visitors: Go off the beaten path to some of the most beautiful sites our nation’s capital has to offer — trust us. Relish in the moments as a bride-to-be with an oasis of unforgettable memories. Create a fun, interactive map for you and your squad to follow, and add places that are worthy of snapping some super-cute pics for your social media timeline.

Spots like Culture House D.C., National Gallery of Art, The Love Mural Tour by Lisa Marie Studio, and Call your Mother in Georgetown are among some of the many hidden gems for bachelorette parties in DC that aren’t swarming with history buffs and politicians — giving you and your girls time, space, and ample opportunities to snap stunning videos and pics for your Instagram feed.

La Vie restaurant glistens in the sun in DC
Photo courtesy of La Vie.

Where to Eat & Drink

Many places in Washington, DC, can serve as cute Instagrammable locations while providing delicious food. Add these must-visit spots to your list of camera-ready restaurants:

If you’re looking for a Georgetown bachelorette party, let’s circle back to Call your Mother, which serves signature breakfast and lunch entrees along with a bakery full of sweet treats. While they have several locations in the area, Georgetown has become a fan favorite due to its bright exterior, vibrant color scheme, and an adorable mascot.

Elevate the vibes at La Vie, a totally posh restaurant known for its waterfront views and waterfall terrace bar. Here, you’ll find handcrafted cocktails and a slew of menu items carefully curated to take your dining experience to the next level.

Rewind by Decades is a retro-themed restaurant located at the heart of DC — this location is known for highlighting timeless food and cocktails while paying homage to what they call “the most dynamic decade in American pop culture history.”

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Along with good food comes great drinks, right? Some things just make sense for the best bars for bachelorette parties in DC, so while you’re out and about, make a few stops at some of these notable wineries and bars:

Just outside of DC, Big Cork Vineyards is “best in show” when it comes to breathtaking valley views and award-winning wines. You will find a choose-your-own-adventure vibe where you and your squad can book an experience fit for a queen.

If wineries feel “been there, done that” for you, check out Cotton & Reed, a distillery near the heart of downtown that offers award-winning rum with a homegrown feel. Now, this may not be where you go to get a buzzzz, BUT it’s a great place to shake up the monotony of many bachelorette parties in DC with some rum-tastic fun!

Speaking of shaking things up, head to the beach for your next cocktail. Wait… a beach in DC?! That’s right, Royal Sands Social Club is a multi-level bar located right next to Nationals Park. One thing you won’t find here is water… for swimming, that is. While the main bar is themed to be a swimming pool, there is no actual water to submerge yourself in. So, erm, maybe don’t show up in your swimsuit.

a group of women posing after taking a private DivaDance class, perfect for bachelorette parties in dc
Photo courtesy of DivaDance Company.

What to Do

There are many reasons why this area is the right choice for any and all bachelorette parties in DC! While you’re busy hitting your steps around the capital, make time for some fun with an adult dance class at DivaDance Washington D.C. Book a private party for you and your posse to have the ultimate adults-only dance experience. During this one-hour private class, an instructor will teach a short, easy-to-learn routine to a song of your choice before wrapping up with a chammy toast!

The Best Bachelorette Parties in DC: Where to Go & What to Do 1

For those looking to get their paint on, Beat the Bomb is a fully interactive colorful experience where you and your squad will work together to complete tasks before being splattered with paint. Your group will go through five rooms filled with tasks, each one more intense than the last. You have to work together to accomplish the mission or risk the paint bomb exploding. Think of a realllllly intense escape room, but with food and drinks!

Howl at the moon. No, not literally! We love a good play on words, but in this case, we’ll leave the howling to wolves. Meanwhile, you and your crew should get into a high-energy live music experience at Howl at the Moon. Bachelorette parties in DC are always welcome here; it’s like karaoke with a live band! Musicians perform fan-favorite hits from across the decades for a live audience singing along at the top of their lungs. This is the perfect place to go all out with your bridal party along with all the sashes and props — hey, the bride might just end up on stage, too!

What hot spots do you love most for any and all bachelorette parties in DC?

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