8 of the Best Atlanta Bachelorette Party Ideas

DivaDance Atlanta Bachelorette Party Ideas

8 of the Best Atlanta Bachelorette Party Ideas

Georgia is filled with some of the most charming backdrops for all things wedding and engagement. However, for your bachelorette party, it’s city vibes or nothing! What better place to gather your group of gal pals for the best weekend than in the heart of Atlanta. From the food to the vibes, to the endless opportunities to dance, you’re set up to have the perfect night.

However, when it comes to planning, we know you are in stress mode. Let’s save you (or your maid of honor) the sweat so you can focus on that big day! We have multitudes of Atlanta bachelorette party ideas on deck, and all you have to do is scroll. Sounds easy, right? Here’s what we got for you, and you won’t be disappointed:

Boozy Brunch at Kaleidoscope Bistro and Pub

Is it even a bachelorette party in Atlanta without the bottomless boozy brunch? And of course, we have to refer you to the first result on a Google search that is jam-packed with good reviews. And might we add that it’s only $20 per person…yep, we’re already calling in your reservation. The vibes at Kaleidoscope will be bright and vibrant, just like the mimosas you’ll be drinking. Top it off with their famous Jumbo Lump Crab Benedict and you know you’ve got a great start to your bachelorette party!


Kaleidosope Bistro and Pub

Prohibition Experience at Red Phone Booth

What’s great about an Atlanta bachelorette party is that you can have all kinds of unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Red Phone Booth in Downtown ATL is definitely one of those experiences that you won’t want to miss. The atmosphere is complete with that vintage speakeasy flair, perfectly crafted cocktails, and even a secret code to enter through the red phone booth in true speakeasy fashion. A perfect themed option for a luxurious night out on the town.


Red Phone Booth

Slaying The House Down at Lips

Nothing hurts about going a traditional route for a bachelorette party. Okay, you might be thinking of a spa day, but we’re on a different, more upbeat wavelength. A drag show is an excruciatingly fun Atlanta bachelorette party idea that many brides have taken a liking to in recent years. There is no better drag show to complete your ATL bachelorette party than one at the iconic Lips Drag Queen Show Palace.

Scattered across the country, Lips always gets the most raving reviews from brides, who have noted that the memories made there are ones for the books! Sounds pretty tempting, right? Who wouldn’t want to drink, sing, dance, and laugh with your best girl gang and some of the greatest queens ATL has to offer!


Lips Drag Show

Having Your Beyonce Moment at DivaDance

Anything having to do with your wedding, including your bachelorette party, means you’re the star. What better way to showcase that than embodying your inner Britney, Gaga, or Queen Bey at a DivaDance class. Get your sweat on with your girls at DivaDance Sandy Springs as you learn some hot burlesque-style choreography to one of your favorite diva’s hits.

Complete with a video of you and your backup dancers (and optional champagne and custom tanks if you want the full queen treatment), this is one of the best Atlanta bachelorette party ideas, sure to make memories that will last a lifetime!


DivaDance Atlanta Bachelorette Party Ideas

Picnic at Piedmont Park

If you’re lucky enough to pick a nice sunny day for your Atlanta bachelorette party ideas, your options are endless, including all of the beautiful outdoor backdrops ATL has to offer. A local favorite for any normal day is spending time outside at Piedmont park. Obviously, we have to glam it up for your special day with your girls, and you can never go wrong with wine, a cheese board, a plaid blanket, and some cute dresses.

However, we’re gonna take it to the next level with the help of Pretty Luxe Picnics. Creating luxurious picnic experiences. Pretty Luxe will set up the boujee-est picnic for you and your girls, totally upgrading from just the gingham blanket and basket. It is the perfect way to enjoy the Atlanta scenery and make you feel like an absolute queen!


Pretty Luxe Picnic

Wining at Chateau Elan

When it comes to getting your wine on with your besties for your bachelorette, there really is no other option than Chateau Elan. And yes, it is as luxurious as the name sounds. Located in Georgia’s rolling foothills on what looks like an old-money estate, you and your friends are sure to feel like Georgia royalty sipping on the housemade wines at Chateau Elan. Though it is a bit of a trek, Chateau Elan is not limited to just a winery.

The resort includes a hotel, a spa, and a list of activities including a charcuterie workshop, mixology demonstration, and painting classes. If you aren’t rushing to book your day, or even week, at this destination, drop everything right now and do it, you won’t be disappointed.


Chateau Elan

Finding Your Perfect Insta Backdrop in ATL

One thing about Atlanta is that there is no shortage of beautiful art adorning the streets. If you Google “ATL murals,” there are endless options. Of course, it’s up to your taste, but a few notable ones are the Disco Wall on Piedmont Street, the Confetti Wall on Peachtree Street, and the “Queer Eye” Crosswalk from the hit Netflix TV show! Any one of these would make the perfect photo op to document this amazing day with you and your girls!


Disco Wall Mural

Sweating Out Your Blowout at MJQ Concourse

One of the most classic options for a bachelorette party is the spa/clubbing combo. We’re gonna take that and put a spin on it, focusing on getting glam and sweating all that glam off on the dancefloor. The first stop is at Drybar for everyone to get that luscious bouncy blowout that will boost everyone’s confidence for their night out.

Then, you can pop on over to The Vavoom Factory for everyone to get glammed up. And then of course, once you got your clubbing dress on, it’s time to head over to ATL bachelorette party staple, MJQ Concourse. Priding itself as Atlanta’s best dance club, MJQ is the epicenter of nightlife in ATL, and the perfect place to dance the night away with your girls. You know your Atlanta bachelorette party ideas were the best when you come out looking nothing like you did when you went in. Now’s the time to get down with your girls and look hot while doing it. Get it, girl!

MJQ Concourse

Which of these Atlanta bachelorette party ideas is most your vibe? Let us know in the comments down below!

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