6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year

6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year

This time of year, everyone is planning to take on the new year with a new attitude! At the top of everyone’s list is getting back into the gym and getting fit! In New York City, you’ll find some of the most exclusive gyms and fitness classes filled with unavailable equipment, overactive fanatics, not to mention the judgy eyes- it’s all too much!

Discovering new workouts to try in the New Year can be fun and once you find something you love, the results won’t be too far behind. Before you commit to that membership, consider shaking things up with some alternative fitness options. Here are 6 fun New York City workouts to try in the New Year! 

6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year 1

1. Aqua Cycling

This high-intensity, low-impact workout is a fun New York City workout and a great way to ease back into a sustainable workout routine in the new year. Resistance training helps to build endurance and strength while the natural buoyancy of the water offers safe recovery for your joints and bones.

Aqua Studio offers a full-body workout experience designed to aid in reducing stress and promote a deep sense of well-being. Although aquatic cardio might pique your interest, this studio offers multiple services including; stretch and yoga classes, a massage therapist located right in the studio, and private parties for up to 50 people – everything you need to reach those new year’s resolutions. You can find this serene, 3-story studio nuzzled downtown – between church and broadway.   

Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year

2. DivaDance Classes

New York City is known for hosting some of the best dancers and entertainers in the world. Finding adult dance classes that don’t require years of training or experience can be tough. If you’re looking to dance more in the new year, DivaDance NYC is a dance studio franchise known for welcoming dancers of all levels for a totally unique dance experience. There’s no pressure – in fact, those with no dance experience are encouraged to attend classes for a stress-free environment where they can really put in some sweat equity!

Located in the Noho district, you’ll find everything from adult hip-hop classes to super cute pom routines! If you want to add a fun new way to get movin’ in the new year (judgment free!) – this is where you want to be. There’s something for everyone and a new routine every week so no playing catch up. Instructors create dance routines that get people excited to jump in, whether it’s your new year’s resolution to get into dance or you dance every day (even if it’s in your bedroom or at the club!)

As you learn the routine you’ll forget you’re working out – it’s the perfect way to jump into a new and exciting fitness routine in 2023 and bring out that “New Year, New Me” attitude!

DivaDance NYC is great for weekly classes, but you’ll also find a fresh take on adult dance parties and bachelorette parties. Invite your friends for a private dance party, where you get access to an experienced event planner, private instructor, and a little bit of chammy to keep the party going!

6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year 2

3. Rumble Boxing

Don’t settle for signing up for a basic gym experience in the new year. Rumble Boxing combines power, strength, and cardio in a high-intensity New York City workout complete with an MC! Instructor-led classes offer high-impact cardio sessions that are sure to get you in touch with your feisty side. You don’t need any previous boxing experience to attend – classes are centered around 6 key boxing moves that will keep your heart rate up!

Working out doesn’t have to “suck” – instructors will keep the good vibes rolling with today’s jams and some words to keep you motivated throughout your session. Classes can be found at Rumble studios all over the city including Brooklyn, Tribeca, and Noho.

6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year 3

4. Skaterobics

Need a new year’s New York City workout that lets the breeze run through your hair? Skaterobics is a high-energy, fun-filled skating class that will do just that. Skaters of all levels are welcome to join in – it’s all about the good times! Instructors divide skaters by skill level and work on buildable skills that you can take to the floor.

Roller skating classes that make you forget about life’s worries? Yes, please! Instructors encourage loads of fun and a friendly community during class. They’ll teach you everything from posture to wheel placement – making sure you have skills to practice in between sessions. 

No skates? No problem! Skate rentals are available at most locations. While the main location is in Queens Village – classes are hosted at various locations around the city. Drop into a class in the new year and you’ll be rollin’ in no time!

6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year 4

5. Surfset NYC

Who says you need water to surf? Dig into something totally unique in the new year with Surfset NYC – an interval-based workout that uses unstable surfboards to give you a full-body New York City workout that builds stability, strength, and power. These moves are designed to give you confidence transitioning from the studio to the water. New surfers are welcome, this is “no experience needed” experience as instructors will give you the fundamentals to keep you safe if you take it to the shore!

Surfset has three studios in New York – or you can join their indoor surfing sessions where you’ll catch some waves at the largest indoor pool in the world. You can also meet up with the founders of Surfset in Long Beach for a full day of surfing and fun!

6 Fun New York City Workouts to Try in the New Year 5

6. Go Fetch Run

In the new year, everyone looks forward to getting more time outdoors – everyone! Grab your furry family and head to a Go Fetch Run class for a New York City workout alongside your dog. This class is great if you’re just ramping up your new year’s goals, all levels are welcome and they’ll even work with your pup to make sure you both are safe. 

Certified fitness instructors will lead you through a full-body workout with your furry best friend. It’s an exciting experience that will leave you both feeling great and ready to take a bite out of your new year’s resolutions! Class locations vary, however, you can find their next location on their website or Instagram. 

What are some other New York City workouts for the New Year that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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