5 Ways to Make Your Dallas Bachelorette Party A-MAAAAAZING!

Dallas Bachelorette Party

5 Ways to Make Your Dallas Bachelorette Party A-MAAAAAZING!


Are you celebrating your Bachelorette Party in Dallas?! OMG SO FUN! Dallas bachelorette dance parties are like none other! We have some amazing ideas to make sure you and your girls have the best time ever! Don’t stress about what to do or where to go. We know it can be overwhelming planning what to do in Dallas for a bachelorette party, so leave it to us to help you out. We want to make sure you get a little bit of everything! But first things first, you want to look back at your pictures and scream “WE ARE SO CUTE”! So ask questions like, “should we have a wig night” and “do we want to don matching towels at the pool?”. We think having matching t-shirts is the perrrrfect way to stand out and really make those photos special. The bachelorette party ideas in Dallas are limitless! Get creative and whatever you do, don’t forget the sash and tiara for the bride-to-be. 

Dallas Bachelorette Party

1. To get the party started, have a private party with DivaDance North Dallas! If you’re having a bachelorette party, dancing is a must! We know you usually have different friend groups and family coming together and maybe they are meeting for the first time together. Ice breaker games are great and all, but how about letting your hair down and channeling your inner Spice Girl?! Choose a song you want to dance to and let your DivaDance instructor lead you through a fun, sweaty dance sesh! Cardio? Check. Living the girl group dream? Check. The perrrfect way to bond and get ready for an epic Dallas bachelorette party! And they have awesome party packages to choose from. All packages include a dance party, but premium packages also include chammy and even your own paparazzi to capture all the fun! These Queens really know how to make you feel special and will ensure that you are all living your best life.




2. After you got your sweat sesh in, it’s time for some pampering and self-care! We strongly believe that when you look your best, you feel your best. So get your girls together and head to the salon! Our favorite spot is the Mermaid Sealon. This salon is eclectic, super cute, and the perfect way to get the party started! They offer hair, nail, lash, and tanning services so everyone in your group can get what they need. A one-stop-shop, amirite?! Just want to get your hair on point? Book a group reservation at Blo Blow Dry Bar. Sit back, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage, and get your beachy waves on! And if you’re staying at a hotel with a spa, consider booking a massage for the bride-to-be. All that wedding planning is exhausting and she may not have much time nowadays to recharge. Plus, that gives the rest of the squad time to talk about how much they love their B2B! (we love us a good bonding moment!).

Felix Culpa

3. A fancy dinner is something every bachelorette party should treat themselves to. Town Hearth is one of the best bachelorette party ideas Dallas has to offer! The interior has a nice, upscale ambiance. The food is both delicious and beautifully presented. If sushi is what you’re craving, Uchi is the spot! “Catch of the Day” vibes and great service! Looking for a good spot to have a drink with a great photo op? Felix Culpa is perfect! Enjoy cute, decorated walls and snazzy chandeliers. If you’re a Cocktail Queen, check out HIDE. Bartenders whip up fun and unique drinks such as the “Yass Betch”! Now there’s a drink we can get behind! The chicken and waffles are on point, too! If dinner plans slip away, no worries! Hit up Saint Ann for brunch! A trendy spot that is classy and chic! No Dallas bachelorette party is complete without tasty food and mimosas, yum!

Playground Bar

4. Alright, now that you’ve got some new moves in your repertoire, your squad is ready to take on the night! Get all dolled up, get your sash on, and hit the town! If you’re feeling your playful side, check out Playground Bar. Gummy bears in your drank, arcade games, and a fun laid back atmosphere (this is your chance to wear your wigs out!). Perfect if you are looking for something low-key but you still want to get moving with your girls! If you are in the mood for something more upscale, Citizen is a great classy spot to get your dance on. Great music, bottle service, and a swanky atmosphere.

Hotel Zaza

5. All that fun probably has you wiped out! The perfect hangover remedy is a pool day. It’s no secret that Hotel Zaza is rated at the top for the best hotels in the area. Their pool is a major reason for this! This boutique hotel features a gorgeous pool with regularly scheduled poolside parties! A perfect way to add the cherry on top to an amazing weekend with your best gals. If you’re not a hotel guest, just double-check their schedule in advance to see when their pool is open to the public!

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