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12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion

For anyone who dares to tell you that dance careers are short-lived and unrealistic, seriously just tell ’em to shut up (and dance). We’re here to prove those Debbie Downer dream killers wrong, because honestly? The jobs for dancers (and even aspiring ones) are endless and go well beyond doing high kicks on your college dance team and arabesque-ing your way across the Nutcracker stage. So, whether you are post-dance life and wondering what can you do with a dance major, or simply have a major passion for all things dance and are looking for a change, this dance careers list has you covered — and then some.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 1

1.  Choreographer

Often considered one of the most obvious jobs for dance and a logical next step for those who feel they’ve outgrown the spotlight, choreographers with skill and talent are highly coveted! Whether choreographing for classic Broadway productions, high school cheerleading competitions with a hip-hop flair, or a local theatre group, you can still get your creative fill without the performance stress.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 2

2. Dance Teacher

Another one of the more common professional dancing careers, being a dance instructor — be it tap, jazz, or ballet — allows you the opportunity to share your expertise with others and remain physically active while doing what you love best! The age groups to teach are endless, from toddlers to adults, and with certain credentials, you may even be able to teach dance at certain public schools or charter schools.

Dance Careers Dance Business Owner

3. Dance Business Owner

Have you ever considered owning your own dance franchise — beyond just launching a start-from-scratch dance studio? If you have the capital to invest in starting a business, owning a dance franchise is a simple way to work for yourself while following a proven formula and participating in an established brand — and it’s one of the fastest-growing dance careers out there. Whether you were a pro dancer in your past life or merely moonlight as Beyoncé’s backup dancer in your mind, DivaDance is looking for entrepreneurial-minded boss babes across the country who value confidence and community and are seeking a successful business opportunity. Another way to work toward franchise ownership? Apply for a job as a DivaDance instructor or sign up for our growing membership sales team. Dance skills not required, passion for dance fitness and community a plus!

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 3

4. Arts Administrator

The logistics behind musical performances and other major dance productions, in addition to even running a dance business, can be intense. Duties may include arranging rehearsal space and travel, coordinating costume design and recital venues, budget planning, and scheduling. A curiosity or passion for dance and superior organization skills are definitely a must!

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 4

5. Dance Videographer or Photographer

The ephemeral art of dance should be captured for all to see, be it in the form of photography or televised dance. Whether shooting stunning dance portraiture or filming fast-paced music videos, a firm understanding of dance and a certain amount of skill is crucial for this type of career in the dance industry.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 5

6. Costume Designer

One of the more necessary careers for dancers (or for at least those who understand dance movement) centers around costume design. Dance attire needs to be comfortable and movement-friendly but also eye-catching enough to keep the audience engaged. Those with a passion for fashion can help create costumes or clothing for studios and production companies — or even start a brand-new dancewear line!

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 6

7. Physical Therapist

Unfortunately, dance injuries can be all too common, which means physical therapy often comes into play. With the proper training and knowledge, you can help dancers regain their much-needed mobility and strength. And with the added understanding of the rigorous dance lifestyle and how muscles are used in certain dance movements, you could be an even better PT candidate for dancers.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 7

8. Dance Writer

Perhaps one of the lesser-known dance career options, working as a dance writer or blogger requires immense knowledge of the profession and an ability to unite and inform the dance community. Whether a dance critic who pens performance reviews or a journalist who reports on the scene and interviews dancers and directors for trade magazines, newspapers, or blogs, there are a bevy of opportunities for those who have a passion for dance and a talent with pen and paper.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 8

9. Dance PR Specialist

What could be considered a branch of arts administration, the field of public relations is essential for building a successful dance venue or growing a theatrical performance. Relationship building and communication are integral to attracting an audience, promoting a performance, or securing a client base, and this comes in the form of being able to write a good press release and fostering connections with media companies.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 9

10. Dance Performer

All eyes on you, queen! If you still have some stage performance left in ya (yaaaass, get it!), there are a wide variety of options when it comes to performance dance careers. Theme parks (Disney World, anyone?), cruise ships, dinner theaters, local dance organizations, professional burlesque — there truly are a ton of paid possibilities if you’re looking to get back in the spotlight.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 10

11. Social Media Influencer

If you have a big enough social media following (hello, TikTok and Instagram), you might just be able to dance your way to the Benjamins! Brand campaigns and advertising opportunities can be yours for the taking if you can promise a large, engaged audience thanks to your sweet moves.

12 Best Careers for Dance Majors to Live Their Passion 11

12. Dance Fitness Instructor

Dance can make for the ultimate cardio, and many fitness facilities and studios offer dance-oriented exercise classes. From modern-day Zumba to old-school Jazzercise to popular barre classes, the possibilities are endless to help folks get their blood pumping and bodies moving!

Trust us when we say these versatile dance careers are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! Whether you want to continue your flourishing dance career or transition into something new, these should provide an excellent starting point for any pro dancer or dancer-at-heart.


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