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People: I Took a Beyoncé Dance Class – Complete with Body Rolls, Posing and Booty Shakes – and This Is What I Learned

I’m a lot of things – dog-loving, cynical, perceptive, yogurt-stained – but Beyoncé-esque isn’t really one of them.

think I have sex appeal, like when I’m preparing a sandwich while tapping my feet to “Hold Up” or when I put on a bold lipstick color at Sephora, but on the few occasions I go Out on the Town, I sometimes have trouble channeling my true sensual, sexual Scorpio self.

I decided to take a Beyoncé-inspired DivaDance class called “Strut” to unleash my inner Bey, as well as to trick myself into exercising. I’ve been obsessing over Lemonade and was starting to suspect my dance moves, mostly shoulder bops, weren’t quite cutting it.

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