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USA Today – How trendy dance classes in stilettos can give you a confidence boost you never knew you needed

If you’re one of those people that can barely even stand to walk in heels, then taking an entire dance class centered around them can sound a little absurd – why would you ever? Trust me, I know.

I had the same thoughts as I grabbed my heels and walked into the DivaDance studio in Washington, D.C. I poked my head into the class and most of the students were already there, gathered in small groups. I quickly threw my things in a corner and joined a group of two, anticipating giving the trendy stiletto dance class a try.

DivaDance is one studio that offers dance classes centered on learning choreographed routines in heels. Jami Stigliano, the founder and CEO of DivaDance, says classes don’t focus on fitness – it’s more about having fun and focusing on the wellness benefits that don’t necessarily align with the physical benefits of a tough workout.

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