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Austin Fit Field Trip: DivaDance

DivaDance was a very enjoyable and expressive workout. It was a great chance to let loose at the end of the day and move to some music. DivaDance holds classes at Fibercove on South Lamar. The studio is just the right size with dim lighting and a wooden floor. The space made it easy to feel free and relaxed. I decided to dance barefoot, but you can choose to dance in sneakers or heels if you like. Whatever gets you going! The class we attended was a Strut class (described as the sexiest class with burlesque-inspired moves). We focused on learning choreography to “One Dance” by Drake. The group was cool and the moves matched the music well. I definitely felt sexy and loved the vibe of the dance. Our instructor, Serese, was very lively. She did a great job at getting us to open up, feel comfortable, and just shake our bodies. Serese also broke down the whole dance into sections so that we could learn the choreography piece by piece. I had a great time in the studio. In fact, I kept dancing in my car on the drive home. I’d definitely like to go back and learn some more DivaDance moves!

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