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DivaDance Williamson County, TX

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DivaDance®   is now open in Williamson County!

Hey girlfriend, are you ready for a good time? Become a member of our Williamson County Girl Squad!

Cedar Park & Round Rock, let your hair down and get ready for a dance par-tay like you’ve never seen before. Snag a founding membership now!

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What is DivaDance?

The hottest hip-hop dance studio in the Lone Star State!

DivaDance’s adult dance classes were created to release your inner diva. All at your own pace and comfort level.

Energetic, sweaty, sexy fun with your favorite playlist.  And girlfriend, it’s not just classes, we throw some pretty fantabulous parties too. From bachelorette to adult birthdays, your squad is going to love DivaDance.

We’re talking epic. Dance ’til ya drop. You know, like Beyonce and her girls!

The Texas Takeover continues! DivaDance is now available in Austin, Bryan/College Station, Houston, North Dallas, and San Antonio! If you want to bring DivaDance to your town, contact us!






Best Adult Dance Classes in Williamson County

We encourage you to express yourself and spice up your sexy, slaying style in either the Chair Dance Class or the Stilettos Dance Class.


Ready for a sexy, sweaty good time?

Get ready to flip that hair. We’re going to show you how to slay!

Shake that booty. Shimmy those shoulders. Free your inner diva. It’s DivaDance time!


DivaDance means sisterhood…

Girl, no need to be shy. Snatch your bestie or your whole darn squad and work it together. It’s been a minute and it’s time for some BFF time.

Hip Hop Dance Class for Adults


Girl, get real, you know we can get ya dancin’ like Beyonce. We will break it down for you and have you dancing like a pro in no time.

Beginner Hip Hop dance classes
It’s all about the bass. This is how we do it in Texas. Don’t worry, we got your back. We’ll take it one step at a time.

You’ve Got to Move It, Move It!
…five, six, seven, eight… Party roll, kick step, pop & lock. Just move it, groove it.

Cardio Dance Fitness
Work it! Whoa, girl, you gotta shake what your momma gave you. Make it personal. You’ll be sexy, sweaty and burning those calories like you mean it.

Hip-hop works that core. We’re talking STRONG and sexy.

Just wait, next time you’re at the hot nightclub, all eyes will be on you! We’re talking hashtag-worthy.



Sexy, Sweaty & Crazy Fun Dance Fitness

Warm-up, dance, cool down. This totally counts as cardio.

Dance Fitness Classes for Beginners
Girl, we’ve all got to start somewhere. Beyonce wasn’t born dancing you know!

We will crank up the music and help you every step of the way. Before you know it, you’ll be the dancing queen.


Who knew healthy could be so sexy. It’s time to get your glow on.

Places to go, people to see? We’ve got you covered. We’ve got dibs on the dressing rooms and you’ll be selfie ready again in no time.


Exclusive Beyoncé Dance Classes


Queen Bey knows how to strut her stuff and we <3 Beyonce. We love her so much, we dance like the girl every day!

Sign up for one class or go all out and do the whole series.

These moves are Beyoncé-licious. You’ll be struttin’ and slayin’ in no time.

Beyoncé All the Single Ladies Dance Class
Single ladies don’t ask for permission. You know you’re a diva.

Beyoncé Partition Dance Class
This is all for you babe. You got the moves.

Beyoncé Formation Dance Class
No haters here. You’re the star. Twirl it. Shake it. Dream it!

You’ll have an attitude adjustment just walkin’ through our doors.

Williamson County, TX Studio Locations

MÜV Dance & Fitness Studio

2051 Cypress Creek Road Suite S, Cedar Park, TX 78613

The Dance Spot

900 Round Rock Ave, Round Rock, TX 78681

ArtBeat Dance Center

1420 Cypress Creek Road #100, Cedar Park, TX 78613

MÜV Dance & Fitness Studio

The Dance Spot

ArtBeat Dance Center

Adult Birthday Party Packages

Basic (totally not basic) Adult Birthday Party
Hello. Ready to play slay? We’re talking a 45-minute dance party fit for a diva. This is perfect for those milestone birthdays, you know, 18, 21 or even the big 4-0. 

Mini-Premium B-Day Party
This is a party fit for royals. You get 60 minutes to shake it, shake it. Plus a bottle of champagne to top it off. Like poppin’ a bottle in the club without all those strangers in yo’ face.

Premium Women’s Birthday Party (Platinum Edition)
Who wants a shoulder shimmying hour-long dance party, topped off with champagne and cupcakes (cake, cake, cake) for her 30th birthday party?

Answer: Um, everyone!

Give A Different Kind of Gift

This is the ULTIMATE surprise party!
This will be the gift they will never forget.

The DivaDance adult birthday party experience is perfect for that woman who has at it all. The best part is, you know it’ll fit and she won’t be returning it.

Contact Us for Details

If you’re ready to impress and have a great time, give the gift of a DivaDance birthday party.

Sorority Sisterhood Dance Parties

E-P-I-C Bid Day

Make ahh-mazing memories that will keep the ladies at your house talking for years. An epic bid day event that your squad will never forget.


Sorority Sisterhood Dance Parties

We’ll give you 45 minutes to dance with your girls. You’ll have the liberty to slay as you may.

Choose Your Song & Dance Routine

Every Sorority Sisterhood dance party lets your greek sisters select a song and dance from our amazing playlist. Our choreo can be tweaked to any experience level – super fun and challenging whatever your taste.

But don’t worry, you can spice it up with your own moves. Twerk it, work it.

Want to Upgrade Your Sorority Bid Day?

Want to add champagne, cupcakes, or custom t-shirts? Just ask your Event Coordinator! We will totally accommodate your special party requests.

A New Kind of Girls Night Out in Williamson County

Ladies, Leave That Man at Home

There’s nothing like a good girl’s night out. From Round Rock, to Pflugerville and Leander to Cedar Park, we’ll have you chillin’ and relaxin, ohh oops, we mean sweatin’ and laughing and dancing and slayin’.  DivaDance is the perfect way to start your girls night out. #GNO

Private Dance Lessons-Turned-Party
Sweat with your besties. Shake off that stress of work. Learn a new dance routine. Did we say this is a private party?

Warm Up for the Club
We’ll get you all warmed up and show you some new dance moves. Then you can hit the clubs afterward and show off your skills.

Ladies, there is nothing formal to worry about. Our talented dance instructors will have you twerking in no time.


Bachelorette Parties

This is not your momma’s bachelorette party. This will be a night the bride and her BFFs will never forget. Don’t ya worry about a thing either girl, we’ve got this. We’ll take care of the planning so you can focus on getting your girl hitched.


Royal Team-Building Activities for Williamson County, TX Corporate Events & Businesses

DivaDance Corporate Dance Party Package

Customize Your  Company’s Team Building Activity
Lookin for a cutting-edge team building activity? DivaDance has got ya’ covered. All you gotta do is choose your playlist and we’ll get you going with the perfect dance routine.

Did you say inclusive?
Every-BODY is included and we’ll be sure to encourage everyone to participate.  This isn’t just for ladies either. It’s for the boys too – all ages and dance experience levels.

Mobile Studio Comes to You
Host your DivaDance team-building workouts at your Williamson County area conference center or office building. Our professional DivaDance Event Team will help you work out all deets.

Large Corporate Dance Parties
We can create an unforgettable dance party for up to 100 people!

Matching Team T-Shirts Available
Commemorate your DivaDance team-building experience with matching team shirts for everyone. Just ask your Event Coordinator for details.

DivaDance in Williamson County, TX 2
DivaDance in Williamson County, TX 3

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