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Natalie in the City: Dancing While Plus Size

Growing up, I did some form of cheer and dance for the majority of my life. At first, it was ballet, then hip hop and jazz followed, and eventually, I ended up doing competitive cheerleading. I LOVED dancing. Dancing always empowered me and allowed me to connect with my sensuality.

While I was always the biggest girl on the squad or team, I never let my body get in the way of doing what I loved. When I turned 19 and started going to college, I stopped doing cheer and dance and naturally, I kind of let myself disconnect with my love for dance. I also used my body, which was always changing, as an excuse to keep me from dancing.

But about a year ago, I found DivaDance Chicago, and I decided to try some of their classes here in the city. I was a little nervous at first just because I didn’t know if there were going to be any other plus size women in the class, and I didn’t want to be judged. However, after my first class, I had never felt more accepted in my life. Everyone in the class was so nice and I had a blast. DivaDance Chicago really gave me a judgment-free and inspiring space to fall back in love with dancing and my body. The classes are so fun and diverse, and their song selection is on point! So far, I have routines to Drunk In Love – Beyoncé, God Is A Woman – Ariana Grande, and Milkshake – Kelis! 

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