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Galore: Ditch Spinning For This Beyoncé-Themed Fitness Class

Everyone’s tried to bust a few Beyoncé moves after too many glasses of wine at a wedding reception. But did you know you can actually learn a Beyoncé routine from a professional and count it as exercise?

Well, if you live in NYC, that is.

For my Beyoncé dance experience, I decided to go to DivaDance in the Lower East Side, where dynamic and peppy founder Jami Stigliano started DivaDance for fun to serve as her “manicure money.” Aptly named after “The Bionic Woman,” Jami worked for 15 years as a music executive, working with what she refers to as “some of the biggest divas in the business,” including Britney Spears and P!nk. Girl knows her divas, so who better to learn from?

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