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Dance Network: DivaDance Company Can Help You Keep Your Resolution to Be More Active in 2019

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for women every year is a promise to lead a more active lifestyle. This usually results in women signing up for gym memberships, even if working out in a regular gym doesn’t motivate them. I’m here to tell you though that there are so many other ways to become more active! If you are an ex-dancer, a dance fan, or just someone that likes to move, DivaDance Company might be your solution to being active in 2019. With locations in seven cities, DivaDance Company offers women of all dance abilities the opportunity to come together and forget about their worries while dancing to today’s pop hits.

Founded in 2015 by Jami Stigliano, DivaDance Company incorporates self-love and body confidence at the core of its curriculum combined with chart-topping pop and hip-hop tunes. It offers classes in all levels hip-hop, a sexy stilettos class, a Slay Like Beyonce class, and a variety of fun fitness classes including: dance fitness for beginners, sexy cardio dance fitness, and Not Yo’ Mama’s cardio dance. In addition, the company also hosts fully customizable private parties.

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