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This Week's Live Stream Schedule



How do I get access?

Members will be emailed a link & password each week of the Live Stream! If you didn't get your password, check spam or DM us and we'll get ya access!

Will classes be available at times other than what's posted?

Yep, we'll have a few on there for ya!

Do I need to sign up?


What if I don't have a membership?

For a limited time, we have a Weekly or Monthly Live Stream membership you can snag. No commitment, cancel anytime! DM us for details!

Who is teaching the classes?

Super fun and talented instructors from our Austin/ HQ squad!

Will it be just like a normal class? What about videos at the end?

Yep, we'll have Community Time (and a chat box where you can comment) and at the end we'd love if you still posted your videos and tagged @DivaDanceHQ

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