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DivaDance in Austin, Texas

Where Texan Queens Reign Supreme

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The Best Adult Dance Classes in Austin, Texas: We know you know how to let your hair down.

DivaDance is a unique experience – sexy, sweaty creative bachelorette party ideas and the best adult dance classes in a stress-free environment.

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Ladies. We love to see you strut your stuff. For fun and for fitness, our hip-hop (specifically Beyonce!) dance classes get you movin, shakin, workin, and slayin.

Scheduled and private group dance classes. Do something different on your next GNO. Celebrate a birthday or bachelorette party the DivaDance way.

They’re Talking ‘Bout Us

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Austin, Texas Locations

Now Slaying At:

The Domain – IMT Wellness Studio 
3210 Esperanza Crossing
Austin, TX 78758
Diagonal from Punch Bowl Social

Balance Dance Studios (South Austin)
4544 S. Lamar Blvd 
Austin, TX 78745
Main Building

ArtBeat Dance Studio (Cedar Park)
1420 Cypress Creek Road #100
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Synergy Dance Studio (Westlake)
3425 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, TX 78746

Lamar Union Wellness Studio
1100 S. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Enter between LICK ice cream and COATED nail salon

The Domain – IMT Wellness Studio

Balance Dance Studios (South Austin)

ArtBeat Dance Studio (Cedar Park)

Synergy Dance Studio (Westlake)

Lamar Union Wellness Studio

Check out our class schedule for locations, times, and dance class offerings!

Wanna bring DivaDance classes to your residence, sorority house, or workplace? Contact us and we’ll bring our mobile studio to you! We serve all of central Texas, including Waco, Killeen, Temple, Bryan/College Station, Houston, North Dallas, San Antonio, and Williamson County.

Give us a shout, ya’ll!

Austin’s #1 Fun Dance Class for Adults

Swag. Strut. Slay.

Sass. Moxy. Spunk. Edge. Call it what you want – Divas have it. And we love it.

DivaDance’s adult dance class options are designed to let every inner Diva loose. At her own pace. At her own dancing comfort level.

Let your hair down, and shake it with us, girl.

Swag: Fun & Sexy Dance Classes for Beginners

Hip-hop inspired choreo that will leave your heart racing and your confidence boosted. You might leave feeling ready to be a backup dancer for the Biebs – not gonna lie.

creative bachelorette party ideas in austin

Strut: Vixen Dance Class That Steps It Up

Burlesque-inspired choreo where you fully bring sexy back. A total body workout that includes props (stilettos, chairs, boas) and plenty of hair-eography.

Backwards and in high heels. That’s just how all the great dancers do it. Strut, ladies.

Slay: Adult Dance Class That Means Business

Diva-inspired dance moves. Don’t settle for less than the best. A total body workout that’s like being up in tha club, without people in your way. Take over that spotlight, girl. Slay it.

Adult Dance Class Series Designed for Your Success

Serious about sculpting a new you? Set some #squadgoals with your ladies. DivaDance weekly class series let you work a whole set of mini-routines together. Full-body workout every time. Something new and always shared laughter.

Beginner Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Austin

Want to Dance Like Shakira? So do we!

DivaDance’s hip-hop dance classes are designed to turn you into a video vixen in no time.

Learn the basics of hip hop dance and take Austin by storm. There’s no stopping you once you got that rhythm.

Hip Hop Dance Moves

Learn to body roll or twerk with no shame

Ever try to bust a new move in the club and everyone is staring? Awk-ward!

DivaDance hip hop dance classes are designed to let you try your moves and practice grindin’ til you own them, without anybody judging.

We love to see you sweat, girl. We’re here to help you work it out.

The Chest Pop

Your shoulders move back and forth, your chest expands and contracts. Fun work for your upper body.

The Kick & Cross Step

No hip hop routine is complete without some fancy footwork. Take this basic step and own it. The possibilities are endless.

The Dip & Step

Take that squad further. Dip it down and step into your next move. It could be a body roll, it could be a spin. You’ll impress either way.

The Body Roll

A bellydance-inspired motion, you’ll feel this one all over. You can keep it in the core or spread it from head to toe.

“Slay Like Beyonce” Dance Class Series in Austin

Our #Squadgoals Include Slaying, Every Day

We love Queen Bey. So much, that we designed (at your demand!) a series of Beyonce dance classes.

You woke up flawless, Austin. Come strut it at DivaDance.

#GNO: Beyonce “Single Ladies” Dance Routine
One of the most popular music videos for showing the girl power in your crew. Our unique choreo gives each lady a chance to shine. Put your hands up and let loose with us.

#Vixen: Beyonce “Partition” Dance Class
One of the sultriest music videos of all time inspires this routine. Learn moves to work it in stilettos using a chair as part of the routine. This class puts every lady’s inner vixen on the prowl.

#Formation: Beyonce “Formation” Dance Choreo
One of the most inspirational music videos ever, Beyonce’s “Formation” dance is an epic routine. A class to get you in great shape and bring you closer with your friends.

Austin, Texas Ladies in Formation

Be a part of our crew and have your say in upcoming Beyonce dance classes. We work with our ladies to bring you classes that you want – keep slaying the way you want, month after month.

DivaDance in Austin, Texas 7

Fun Dance Fitness Classes for All Ages

Slaying Is Austin’s Cardio.
DivaDance is every Texas gal’s stress-free, sweaty dance workout. Get down with us ladies. Sweat & strut.


Serious Upper Body Grind
Toned arms look good on any body. Get ready for strapless gowns, girl. Our moves will have your back, chest, shoulders, and core working. Don’t be surprised if you’re sore. That’s inner beauty shining through.

Serious Lower Body Swag
Booty Like an Hourglass. We know you want it. Stacked legs and an hourglass figure. And, you literally can’t take another elliptical or treadmill workout. DivaDance choreo makes your lower body burn. Quads, hips, lower back, hamstrings, and that derriere. Give it all a serious (and sexy) workout.

Safety First
Always have a great time. Always be safe. If you feel lightheaded or out of breath, rest on the side for a minute.

We take several water breaks during class, but grab water whenever you want. Push yourself, but treat yo’self too! This is about having fun with your ladies while getting an overall glisten and healthy glow.

Serious Cardio Dance Classes
#PumpupthejamOur DivaDance cardio dance fitness classes’ routines are designed to get your heart beating! A serious cardio workout for 20 minutes helps you burn calories for a full day (“the afterburn“). With every cardio workout, your body gets better at it!


Stretch First
Every DivaDance class includes stretching, warm up, and a full cool-down at the end.

If you need a more time to stretch, we’re not mad at that.


Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas in Austin Fit For a Diva

For When He Puts a Ring on It

Ladies, if one of your squad is celebrating getting married there’s a few ways you can do it. But nothing like DivaDance for a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party!

Learn a dance routine. Slay with your girls. Prep some moves for the big night.

Keep it classy with out-of-the-box bachelorette party activities from DivaDance.

Make Planning Bachelorette Parties Easy


You’ve got bachelorette party ideas? So do we!

Want to know how to plan a bachelorette party that slays, Austin?

Let a DivaDance Event Coordinator help you plan a stellar bachelorette party for as many people as you want.

Standard party size is 10. Ask a DivaDance Event Coordinator for details on adding more Divas to your party.

Contact. Choose. Confirm. Easy Party Scheduling.

Contact us for our quick and easy process to schedule your bachelorette party. Choose the details like location and song to learn the routine of. Confirm with a deposit payment.

We’ll handle the rest.

Bachelorette Party Options

Un-Basic. So Fancy. Platinum.

Nobody can forget a DivaDance Bachelorette Party. No matter which package your choose.


Hip-hop and burlesque-inspired dance routines. A night out to celebrate life, love, and friendship. Holla!

Un-Basic Dance Party

Up to 10 ladies strut it together for 45 minutes.

So Fancy Mini-Premium Dance Party

10 ladies sweat it out for 60 minutes, then here comes the champagne!

Platinum: Premium Dance Party

10 ladies seat & strut for 60 minutes, then enjoy champagne and cupcakes! And a feather boa for the bride to be!

Swag on ’em, gals.


Bachelorette Party Extras

Ask our event coordinator about party extras as well, including:

  • Pink feather boas
  • Professional videography
  • Matching t-shirts for everyone
  • Professional hair and makeup

DivaDance bachelorette party planning offers all this and more. Don’t be shy – let us help rock this party!


Best Bachelorette Party Locations
Forget the “best” bachelorette party places in town – the DivaDance Mobile Studio goes wherever you and your ladies are. Our party comes to you.

Whether you’re in Austin proper or throughout central Texas, DivaDance is mobile.

Make it easy for the bride!

The best tip we can give ladies planning bachelorette parties is to always keep the bride in mind. If it’s easier for the bride that the DivaDance studio comes to her – we’d love to! Let us help you make her big day as smooth and fun as possible.


Ladies: Adult Birthday Party Dance Extravaganza

A Different Women’s Birthday. Party Activities With Slay

A birthday is any lady’s day to be Queen Bee. Party it up and have a good time. There’s no holding back on your birthday.

Adult Birthday Party Packages

(Un-Basic) Basic Adult Birthday Party
Where your inner princess can come out to play. A 45 minutes dance party with your ladies. Perfect for an unforgettable 18th birthday party.

Mini-Premium B-Day Party
Not your little girl’s tea-party. 60 minutes to shake and twerk, and a bottle of champagne to round it out. Like poppin’ a bottle in the club without all the space invasion.

Premium Women’s Birthday Party (Platinum Edition)
Who wants a booty shaking hour-long dance party, topped off with a bottle of bubbly and cupcakes for her 30th birthday party? (or any other bday?)

Answer: Every woman. That’s who.

Give A Different Kind of Gift

Cover Your Eyes! I Have a Surprise!
There’s lots of birthday gifts you can give, but nothing’s the same as giving the gift of experience.

The DivaDance adult birthday party experience is perfect for that bestie who has everything. Give her something you know she doesn’t have already. And you know it’s the right size.

Contact Us for Details

Give the gift of a DivaDance party. Always a good time.

Sorority Sisterhood Dance Parties

For an Epic Bid Day

Make memories that will keep the ladies at the house talking for years to come. An epic bid day event that no one will forget.

Sorority Sisterhood Dance Parties

Dance away 45 minutes with up to 100 of your sisters, slaying it in learning an active, hip-hop dance routine.

Choose Your Song & Dance Routine
Every Sorority Sisterhood dance party lets your group select a song and dance from our menu. Our choreo can be adjusted to any dance experience level – both fun and challenging for all level dancers.

Spice it up with your squad’s own signature moves. Make the routine your own.

Upgrade Your Sorority Bid Day
Want to add champagne, cupcakes, feather boas, or custom t-shirts? Just ask your Event Coordinator! We can accommodate your specialty party requests.

A Signature Dance Routine

With our “hair-eography” and facial expression coaching, your crew will develop a dance that is all your own. Winks, heel kicks, and seductive pouty lips give each dancer a moment in the spotlight. Put it all together for a killer routine that no other squad will have.

A New Kind of Girls Night Out in Austin, TX

DivaDance in Austin, Texas 8

Austin Ladies, Leave Your Man At Home

There’s nothing like a good girl’s night out. Par-tay! DivaDance is the perfect way to start off your night, no matter what lies ahead afterward.

Private Dance Lessons-Turned-Party
Sweat with your gals. Shake off the stress of work. Learn a dance routine. Have a private party. It’s your world.

Warm Up for the Club
Come with your gals and get warmed up with a dance routine you can show off at the club. Use a DivaDance #GNO dance party to get warmed up for a night out.

You don’t need any formal dance training. Just bring your love to move and our instructors will help you harness that inner Diva.

One of a Kind Team Bonding Experience for Austin Ladies (or Gents!)

A DivaDance company dance party is one of the most fun team building ideas around.

Boost Confidence
Everybody gets to be more than just herself. Sweat, shake, and groove together. It feels good to show off a little bit.

Bond Your Team
Dancing brings people together. Creativity and laughter make your squad stronger.

Highlight New Skills
When each member of your team gets to show off a different side of herself, sparks fly. Girl – who knew you could get down like that?

A team building, corporate dance party is right for dancers of all ages and experience levels. Parties are customized based on your group.

Team Building Dance Experiences

DivaDance in Austin, Texas 9

To the Ladies! Show Us How You Work

You’ve got your #worksquad and you ladies rule the office. And you’re all pretty boss in your off-time.

Strut it out with your gals from work. Put on a team building exercise that’s one of a kind.

Corporate Team Building Dance Party Package

45 minutes of dance-workout-turned-party for up to 25 people. Our Mobile Studio can turn your conference room, dining hall, parking lot, or other area into a temporary dance studio. All the moving, shaking, and slaying your team can handle.

The company team that slays together, gets paid together.

DivaDance in Austin, Texas 10

Turn It Up, Austin, Texas

Austin’s Best Dance Instructors

We’ve Got What it Takes
DivaDance has recruited the best of the best in central Texas – our hip-hop dance instructors are passionate performers and trained professionals. Top dancers in Texas on our squad, for real.

Show ‘Em What You’re Workin With

A bachelorette, birthday, or team building dance party for your squad. Cardio fitness classes to make your nights at the club pure fire. The fiercest, most fun dance class for adults of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

DivaDance in Austin, Texas 11

Andrea H.

(512) 766-4501

Best Adult Dance Classes – DivaDance Studios in Austin, Texas

Rock it. Work it. Grind until you own it, ladies.