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Epic Hip Hop Dance Classes

We grew up on music videos (Carson Daly, swoon!) Who wasn’t choreographing routines in their bedrooms as a teenager? The DivaDance instructors sure were! From Bey to Biebs to throwbacks like Bell Biv Devoe, we’ve created the most inclusive hip-hop dance classes that provide a fun, full-body cardio workout for dancers with all levels of experience.

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A Full Body Twerk-Out

Dance fitness choreography is fun disguised as fitness! Forget the elliptical and the treadmill hitting the dance floor is your new cardio.

DivaDance classes use your whole body to move – from your head to your toes and everywhere in between. No matter your fitness level, you’ll never be frustrated in our fitness dance classes.

More Fun Than The Gym

Typical follow-the-leader dance cardio classes are 2000-and-late. DivaDance classes are a fun fitness option that help you slay your way to the bod you want and helps you level up your confidence in the process. All of our classes are a full-body workout from hairography to pointed toes. No matter whether you’re used high-intensity cardio or need something low impact and sexy, our classes are your sexy, sweaty new obsession.

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Squad Goals, Anyone?

Get ready to meet your new BFF at DivaDance. Community is one of our core values, and we mean it! All of our classes begin with a few minutes of community Time where you actually talk to the person next to you in class (gasp!) Our Instructors will know your name, and by the end of class you’ll be cheering on your fellow dancers. Yeah, we’re talkin’ teams.

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